Quote of the week

perhaps it’s time to refer the request to another fund.

The quote is from Councillor Chris Parker of Kings Co. Council referring to funding for the Wolfville Farmers Market after the County Council approved a recommendation from the Municipal Economic Development Advisory Committee (MEDAC) to provide $3,000 “in support of a fall-winter advertising campaign for the Wolfville Farmer’s Market.”

We like the market but we don’t know of other businesses in Wolfville who get support for their advertising from the County, do you? They don’t even get it from Wolfville’s Council. Please correct us if we are wrong.

It appears that some Councillors are questioning the benefits of these infusions of cash. Councillor Parker noted that this was the third year in a row the Wolfville market has applied for funding and it is getting to be “like a continuous grant.”  And –

Councillor Janet Newton said she hopes the municipality is getting proper signage at events they are sponsoring and she wants to make sure people know it is the taxpayers of Kings County that have supported the Wolfville and Kentville farmer’s markets. Warden Fred Whalen said they would let organizers know.” [Kings Co. Register, Nov 26. p. 5]

We’re going to watch for those signs at the market. Let us know if you see them won’t you?


One response to “Quote of the week

  1. Kudos to Chris and Janet for finally questioning the continuous hemorrhaging of taxpayers’ money for an organization which already “rapes” , oops! “reaps “significant benefits from tax weary Wolfville citizens courtesy of Wolfville Town Council. Let’s stop subsidizing and promoting these “marketeers”as demi-gods and start boosting our own local enterprises which shoulder the burden for their own advertising, rent and taxes. Wake up folks and stop fostering and molycodling an underground economy. Let’s have an equal playing field for all.