Flu news

Apparently our home town U has had a low flu rate.

Acadia University in Wolfville, N.S., has so far emerged relatively unscathed from the second wave of swine flu. Spokeswoman Sherri Turner attributes the university’s run of good luck in part to beefed-up hygiene protocols and an extensive effort to get information out to the student body.

“In high-touch areas, there’s extra cleaning happening. We also have almost 300 hand sanitizers in buildings throughout campus. We’ve kind of done a lot of things in terms of education to prevent the spread of the illness.”

Those educational efforts included the launch of an informational website where parents and students can go to obtain credible information about the virus, Turner said. Acadia’s efforts have been a success so far, she said, adding that no classes have been cancelled yet.

Quite a few students in the line earlier today getting shot up [ along with half of Wolfville]. Some of them didn’t even wait the 15 minutes. Maybe they had a class.


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