One voice of the people

A letter in the CH this morning from a frequent commenter here. He gets it. How many others do?

Take on assessments

It is a common misconception that the municipal tax take should increase if property values rise.

Property assessments are supposed to be a tool for determining how the tax burden is to be distributed among property owners — not for determining the total tax take. Sadly, some sneaky municipalities have taken advantage of taxpayer inattention and rising property values to inflate their budgets in years gone by. The gargantuan pile of cash that they collect is inevitably wasted on squeaky wheels, gross inefficiencies and general foolishness.

Your average municipal politician/bureaucrat is delighted to take a cut from any net growth in the value of properties in your community. We shouldn’t let them get away with it.

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville


3 responses to “One voice of the people

  1. I hasten to add that the letter was prompted by several recent CH articles in which the above misconception appeared. Any resemblance to a municipality with which you are familiar is probably… well, not an accident.

  2. Yes indeed, we do have an overabundance of squeaky wheels here. Thanks Mr. Sanderson- right on!

  3. …and lots of inefficiencies and general foolishness as well!