Women and Politicians first

Update – Nov. 4 : And why is the vaccine rationed in the first place?

H/T Stephen Taylor


Hedy Fry thinks that politicians are indispensable and should get priority in getting vaccinated for the swine flu.

It seems she isn’t the only one. The municipal big wigs in New Glasgow AND their families,  jumped in the life boats ahead of the other women and children patiently lined up at the clinic.

Poor example

My daughter and I attended the H1N1 clinic last Wednesday in Westville. As we waited in line, I watched the New Glasgow mayor and CAO, with their spouses, as well as others, step around everyone who had been waiting for hours. I am an emergency worker in this county and attend a number of emergency scenes every week. I was not given any special treatment, nor did I expect any. I think if you spoke to any emergency worker in Nova Scotia, they would certainly feel the same.

Why are The Chronicle Herald and other news outlets not covering this part of the story — special treatment to officials?

I could understand, maybe, certain federal employees getting priority, as we do need those people to keep things running; but in a small town, I think we would get by. To those who expected special treatment because of your so-called titles, you did not demonstrate your concern for the well-being of the public, the people you work for. You set a very poor example.

Chris Mason, New Glasgow

CH Nov. 3, ’09 Voice of the People

We are awaiting word on whether our mayor and CAO set the same civic example.

Later: We see the mayor of Kentville only got the seasonal flu shot. Don’t know if he jumped the queue.

Looks like Wolfville is Flu central:

Annapolis Valley Health … opened a separate walk-in assessment clinic at the Eastern Kings Memorial Health Centre in Wolfville October 31. The centre is open from 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is meant for people with mild to moderate flu-like symptoms who feel they need to see a healthcare worker. Emergency departments at Valley Regional and the Western Kings Memorial Health Centre will redirect anyone with flu-like symptoms to Wolfville.

other clinic info:

All clinics are open between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.

• Annapolis Royal fire hall, Nov. 9 and 18

• Bridgetown Legion, Nov. 17

• Middleton NSCC, Nov. 19

• Kingston fire hall, November 12 and 25

• Berwick fire hall, November 5 and 24

• Kentville fire hall, November 16

• New Minas Baptist Church, November 10 and 26

• Canning (Glooscap elementary), November 17

• Wolfville (Acadia auxiliary gym), November 4 and 23



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