We didn’t know.

We didn’t know. Did you?

Did you know that almost all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature are NOT recorded, that is they are recorded anonymously? You have no idea how your representative is voting or even if your representative is present in the house. This is a disgrace. The Parliament in Ottawa records all votes, so too should Nova Scotia’s Legislature. The Atlantica Party is committed to bringing in legislation that requires all votes on bills to be recorded and disseminated to the public both in print and electronically in a timely fashion along with information that makes house activity transparent giving the voters of Nova Scotia the power to assess and hold accountable those who vote in their names.

If you think this is something that can and should be changed perhaps you might like to join the campaign that is being launched to have bill votes recorded.  Weigh in at http://knowhowtheyvote.wordpress.com/ or at the Atlantica Party website or via the right to know coalition

You could also e-mail your mla. For Kings South that is Ramona Jennex

Which leads us to the question: Are municipal votes recorded by name?


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