How many hungry children?

The recent comments on CBC about child poverty in Wolfville caught the attention of many residents; this is reflected in the comments we see on Ww.

We aren’t very sure if the figures reported in the media are accurate and it appears our mayor isn’t quite sure either if his remarks on CBC radio this morning are any indication. The figures, it was said,  come from the Vital Signs report the results of which are still not available on the Community Foundation website as of this writing, although it was released at the breakfast “launch” Oct. 6th.

An article on the report’s release in The Advertiser of the same date gave some figures including this statement:

For the 440 children under age of 14 living in Wolfville the child poverty rate was about 25% higher than the provincial rate.”

This is an exact quotation from the paper, including punctuation. The question is – what is the rate? Is it an unnamed rate which is 25% higher than the provincial rate? OR is the rate 25%,  which might be only a few percentage points higher than the provincial average? If there was a comma after the 25% figure it would make a big difference in the reading of the sentence.

The food bank information is also suspect. In the Advertiser article it says,

Use of the Wolfville Area Food Bank rose by 40% recently. It was accessed 669 times in 2008.

Yet, the mayor this morning said that recently the number of individuals served was actually down slightly. Which is it?

We have already written Mr. Groot and asked him for a clarification of the numbers. We await a response which we will pass on to our readers as soon as/if  received.

We remind residents that the Town and the WBDC contributed at least $5,000 each to this project. This amount would be able to provide a significant number of breakfasts to the Wolfville and Area Inter Church school breakfast program would it not?


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