Our tax dollars at work

Expect you got in your mailbox as we did the notice with Fall and Winter Events and the plans for the Central Ave. Streetscape project. They give the “Funding Sources” for the Central Ave. Project as follows:

Funding Sources: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency ($55,000.00), The Province of Nova Scotia ($50,000.00), The Town of Wolfville & Water Utility ($201,683.00)

Total Cost: $306,683.00

In the highlights they tell us what we will be getting for our tax money (remember we all – well most of us anyway! – pay federal and provincial tax as well as municipal taxes!):

  • Street construction Using Interlocking Brick pavers [something like the ones they often have to re-lay between the curb and the sidewalk?]
  • New Paved Walkway Connection to Public Parking
  • New Concrete Planters [There always has to be planters! Also – mentioned in the concept plan- a Sitting Wall! Will this be the mayor’s new favourite perch?]
  • Rolled Curbs
  • New Water Lines [Good!]
  • New Sanitary Lines [Good!]

At least they are telling us something. Can’t complain about that – except what they didn’t tell us. Why not break out the amounts in the Town and Water Utility figure? How much from each?  And what are the maintenance, up keep costs for interlocking brick compared to something else.  When brick heaves it is uneven and has to be relaid or there is a liability risk, n’est pas? The original idea was that this be a pedestrian -no car- street but we hear that has gone by the boards because of delivery issues. It is described in this plan as a Roadway. Of interlocking brick?.

The concept Plan and the  Site Plan (labeled in reverse on the website we think!)  are available on the Town website here (in pdf) but here are screen shots:

Concept plan

Site Plan

We’re sure it will look lovely, at least for a while and is providing good jobs for designers, contractors etc. We had better enjoy it since we are paying for it dearly out of several pockets.

Also from the town website – If you have questions:

For more information please contact: Mr. Kevin Kerr P.Eng.  (Director of Public Works), (902) 542-3960, EMail: kkerr

designer: CBCL Ltd, contractor: Howard Little Excavating Ltd.


5 responses to “Our tax dollars at work

  1. Yes indeed, bring on the first frost and watch those bricks heave. As for the planters- more concrete no doubt and more plantings to maintain- maybe they should deal with the icicles coming off Porter’s roof in the winter before getting fancy. Looks like a make work project created to employ X amount of workers next year, all on our tax bill.

  2. Paving bricks work well in Australia…. It may be possible to avoid heaving if the bricks are laid on top of a good concrete/asphalt base. Otherwise, I share your concern. Are those bricks locally made?

    At the end, all we’ll get is more debt. The much touted fiscal stimulus package is similar in magnitude to the interest we pay on existing Government debt. The point is, if we didn’t elect fiscal-fools, we’d effectively have a stimulus package every year — without the sting-in-the-tail….

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  4. The project appears to be an excellent attempt at setting a pedestrian priority in Wolfville’s downtown. Connecting the Railtown parking lot to the town center is a great way of offering an alternative to the brutal on-street parking throughout the core of Main St. I think the brick pavers look nice and will discourage cars from traveling over them. The sitting wall is an example of good urban design, people sitting and hanging around is what a good downtown is all about. The project sounds great and I’m excited to see it completed. Perhaps Wolfville Watch should stop looking for details to bitch about and begin recognizing the benefits of our town’s staff’s hard work. They’re all working to build a better place.

  5. Exactly, George. There are too many people who whine about the government but would not get up and lift a hand to do anything productive themselves. Likely the same people who drop used coffee cups and used tissues on the street.

    Or like a police officer I saw who spit on the street.
    I think that is despicable.