A video plug for Acadia

Students have been installed at Acadia for a month now but with a financial crunch no longer just looming but arrived and more staff cuts pending the Administration is already looking to next year’s enrollment to help out. Acadia’s new president is out there doing what he can. He wangled a spot on The Economic Report with Greg Gumbel.

The target used to be China, and perhaps still is, but this video suggests Acadia is also looking to US students to help fill the empty coffers.

Acadia is now a wifi hotspot and computers figure prominently in this clip – we all remember the Acadia Advantage – but perhaps there is a realisation that the IT hype can be over done. We hope so. One wouldn’t want to see Acadia getting rid of the Library and all it’s books in favour of a wired learning centre with the aim of being the first bookless university in Canada.

This is the plan at a prestigious elite prep school in Massachusettes, according to the Boston Globe.

James Tracy, the current headmaster, finds the whole idea of a library, and the objects they traditionally contain, positively quaint. Speaking to The Boston Globe, he actually said, apparently without embarrassment, “When I look at books, I see an outdated technology, like scrolls before books.” …

According to the Globe, Cushing is “one of the first schools in the country to abandon its books.” Can we hope that it will also be one of the last? In pursuit of a “bookless campus,” Cushing is disburdening itself of its library’s 20,000 books and spending $500,000 to establish a “learning center”—the name, the Globe reports, is tentative, but whatever they settle on you can be sure the scare quotes will be appropriate. Of course, once you dump a library’s books, you have a lot of extra space to fill, so Cushing (tuition, room, and board $42,850, plus a $1,500 “technology fee”) will be spending $42,000 for some large flat-screen monitors to display data from the Internet as well as $20,000 for laptop-friendly” study carrels. In place of the reference desk, the Globe reports, Cushing is building “a $50,000 coffee shop that will include a $12,000 cappuccino machine.” [Source]

A $12,000 cappuccino machine. $50K in fees. And this is only a secondary school. Makes Acadia seem like a bargain.


4 responses to “A video plug for Acadia

  1. Well spoken Ray Ivany and Tom Herman! I’d just like to add one little thing. Acadia University was formed by locals to meet a local need… many years ago. I think that familiar spirit is still an Acadia strength. The local youngsters (and their parents) are very fortunate to have Acadia as an option for higher education.

    • Well said Brian. If you do well locally offshore students will find you. Perhaps this marketing offshore is a waste of $? Stay tuned! 🙂

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  3. Oh dear Lord, bookless universities?! I hate days where I lose faith in humanity, but this is one of them.

    I’d transfer out of there so quickly…