Not so scary

The Nanos poll of Sept 11 is a peek into the mind of the electorate. What does it tell us?

Research suggests that Canadians are more likely to trust Stephen Harper over other federal leaders in his ability to manage key issues. Nanos Research polled respondents on which federal leader they would trust the most to manage the following issues: the economy, the environment, national unity, taxes and healthcare. Stephen Harper was ahead or statistically tied on all issues tested.

Harper’s lead on other federal leaders was greatest on management of the economy (41% vs. 27% for Michael Ignatieff) and taxes (40% vs. 24% for Ignatieff) while it was a closer race on the issues of the environment, national unity and healthcare.

Jack Layton came second after Stephen Harper on the environment (22% Harper; 21% Layton) and healthcare (29% Harper; 22% Layton), while Ignatieff came second to Harper on national unity (30% Harper; 28% Ignatieff). Of note, Michael Ignatieff consistently scored higher than Stephen Harper in Quebec.

It tells us there won’t be an election any time soon.  There is more to this poll. Check out the whole thing.


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