Going Slow

Unfortunately our title does not refer to the speed of traffic on Main Street [which seems completely unmonitored]. No, it refers to the CH headline “Heading to Wolfville? – Go Slow” on the  Citta Slo movement [“sustainable hedonism”!] which Wolfville is embracing as its latest cause celebre and which we reported on in a previous post.

We’ve had our say about this but we do refer you to Brian Sanderson’s latest letter in the CH which was in response to the same article. We’ll reprint his letter here in case it disappears from the CH archive.

Hard to stomach

I laughed and cried out loud when I read that the Town of Wolfville is seeking “Slow City” status (“Heading to Wolfville? Go slow,” Sept. 21).

No doubt, tourists flock here for the famous “slow food” at the Tempest Restaurant, but this resident, like many others, has to take his lunch fast. My wife and I need to keep our noses to the grindstone.

There is nothing “slow” about the taxes we pay so that Mayor Bob Stead and his plundering cohort of bureaucrats can fumble around for trendy town-designations and bylaws to banish this or that and most things in-between. In truth, Wolfville should be designated either a “Tax Town” or a “Ban-it-with-a-Bylaw Town.”

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville

Couldn’t have said it better.

It seems to us Wolfville is flitting from pillar to post looking for something of lasting meaning [modern translation= sustainable] to hitch its star to. Is Acadia enough? Perhaps we should have stuck to the ATF instead of throwing it under the bus.


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