Wolfville’s getting a T.A.N.

We hear that there will be another coffee shop on Main Street to compete with Tim’s, the Coffee Merchant and Just Us Cafe. It is planned for the building on the NW corner of Main and Gaspereau/Harbourside which has just undergone a major reno, and which BTW we have to say is the nicest of the Main St. make-overs. The new tenant is reported to be The Alternative Network which is in its own words:

…a network of owner-operated, micro roasters and cafés that are committed to providing our customers with ethically-sourced and superior grade fair trade products. We embrace fair trade as a vital mechanism that promotes social justice and environmental sustainability.

T.A.N. has a cafe in Coldbrook and Greenwood and is expanding, they say, not only into Wolfville, but also Kanata, Ont.

They are, apparently, a break-away group from Just Us [but others will know more about the ins and outs of that story than we do!] Perhaps their history has some bearing on this statement:

Our network assists like-minded individuals to start their own fair trade micro-roaster cafés through financing, management training and business planning. Through specialized workshops, our café operators become expert baristas and coffee roasters, and the business can then stay local to serve the community.

We wonder whether the Wolfville Coffee community can support two Fair Trade cafes. Guess we shall see, eh?

We have always wondered how fair Fair Trade products are anyway. But people in Wolfville are very trusting so we don’t suppose there will be  much investigation of the facts behind this operation anymore than there were into Just Us.

But we wish them the best of luck, as we have with other new businesses which have had the courage to open in Wolfville.

4 responses to “Wolfville’s getting a T.A.N.

  1. A used book and CD shop just opened and The Trail Shop from Halifax also decided to invest in Main Street.. Spaces are filling up again. Good Luck..

  2. It is nice to see the buzz on Main St., can’t help but wonder if these businesses will be sustainable. TAN coffee is great so hope it works out for them.
    Great letter from Mr. Sanderson in the Herald this morning- could not have said it better. Thank you Brian.

  3. Perhaps Wolfville is more of a Coffee Town than a Slow City… Keep the revs up!