Mud Creek News

There is a new broadsheet in town called Mud Creek News. There were a number of them on the table at the Post Office and naturally it caught our roving eye.  We had heard rumours of its impending publication and there it was, which just goes to show – rumours are often correct. In this issue, which is the first but we hope not the last, you will find:

  • a list of upcoming Town meetings for the rest of this month.
  • An article by Lutz Becker entitled “Do Citizens Need this Publication?” in which he answers his own question in the affirmative and mentions Wolfvillewatch!
  • Final Thoughts on the Hospice and Hospital Funding by David Daniels
  • And The Draft Strategic Plan (short summary) by Mr. Becker

At the bottom of the back side is this invitation:

Articles are welcome. Opinions expressed in articles are those of the writers. Articles will appear under the writer’s names and may be edited with writer’s consent. Due to lack of space not all articles may get printed. Long version and additional articles can be found on [which appears to be still under construction. They should provide an e-mail so people know where to send submissions and also a deadline for the next issue.]

We don’t think this little broadsheet will drive The Advertiser out of business but it is a welcome communication choice [the price is right!]. It has a Wolfville focus and an eye on Town/Municipal government, which sets it apart from The Grapevine which follows the social and cultural scene and the occasional O2Q [Open to Question] which has a very philosophical bent. So we wish the editors of the MCN good luck and we may even submit an article for the next issue! [when will that be? October maybe?]


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