Election flu

With the fall comes two new threats: 1. Swine Flu – H1N1.  2. Another Federal Election.

One is about as desirable as the other. But since the virus is in the air, and since washing our hands doesn’t help avoid this one, perhaps you can forgive us if we  shift our focus slightly from local shenanigans to more national fodder for the odd post, like this one.

One of the symptoms of this election fever, sadly, are tawdry appeals to base emotions on both sides. Example the  Hedy Fry’s pre campaign postcards which have made the news


and the Conservative ” I’m Just Visiting”  ads impugning Iggy’s motives.

We would much rather see an issue based campaign – if there is to be campaigning at all. But then we say to ourselves what would be the issues? Is there anyone talking about  policy choices?

What specific issues are on the minds of Canadians?

Well, we know about one anyway. We got an e-mail recently, forwarded from a reader, from a rather irate senior,  about something on her mind. It’s as good a place as any to start with, to talk about issues, you know – policy questions.

It’s about Bill C-428 a private members Bill introduced by Ruby Dhalla in June and still on the order paper, whose intent is to amend the Old Age Security Act to reduce residence requirements for immigrants eligibility from 10 years to 3 yrs. Here is an excerpt from the pensioner’s e-mail  with her objections to it.

As someone who has worked in this country for over 40yrs and now retired, I very strongly oppose this Bill ever seeing the light of day and hope that our government will continue to deny this request.   To even consider that someone who has been here 3yrs….who has contributed not one cent to this country….would receive the same OAS/GIS as myself and my husband, makes me absolutely livid, furious!!!  3  YEARS!!

This bill is being put forward by Dhalla solely to support her own Indian community, who continually bring elderly people over here, adding strain to our medical services and draining our resources, paid for by Canadians who have paid taxes over many, many years to be able to collect these resources.   People bringing elderly relatives to this country from ANY country in this world should be completely responsible for their well-being instead of draining resources that are going to be bankrupt by the time our CANADIAN children try to collect them. …

This Canadian retiree has e-mailed her concerns to Ruby Dhalla and her own MP but since her MP is Liberal she doesn’t hold out much hope of sympathy there. She probably feels she would be considered a racist in that quarter. She has also written the PM and we hope Jason Kenny. We wonder if she will get any more sympathy there.

If the OAS Act was amended in this way (we certainly hope it would not be and think the bill doesn’t have a snowball’s chance unless there is a change of government) how much would this cost we wonder. Ruby doesn’t mention that in her bill. It probably didn’t cross her mind. enter her pretty head. It has, however, crossed the mind of our upset retiree.

It is time Canada looked after it’s own citizens before splashing OUR money around on people who have no right to this money, never having contributed to it.  If a family wishes to bring elderly relatives here and wish to waive their own right to collect these resources in order that the elderly relatives can…fine…otherwise, look after them yourself and do not expect the  Canadian people to do it.  There are too many people abusing the generosity of the Canadian people, it needs to stop….NOW!


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