Dogs no longer welcome at PO

We expect everyone has received the notice in their post box regarding the new Post Office policy barring entry to animals, effective today. Apparently there have been complaints from customers. It is mentioned that this is a new “national” policy but it seems the prompt for change came from some people locally.

Canada Post understands that there has been a long tradition of allowing pets into our facility in Wolfville. In fact, employees have kept “treats”on hand for them. This practice however, has not met with the approval of all customers.

They then add the blah, blah, blah about what is normal in other municipalities and the assurance that exceptions will be made for service animals. We wonder – did other municipalities get a notice about the introduction of this new “national” policy?

We find it sad. Another blow to the individuality and distinction of our small town. We remember when Home Hardware allowed dogs and kept treats for them too. Someone complained and that was the end of it. As someone there explained at the time “They could sue.”

One by one the small things that make our town different and lovable disappear. Attempts to replace these natural, home grown customs, with artificially introduced “themes” like slo food won’t cut it we think. Like alien, introduced species they just won’t fit in.

And it won’t even help those customers who complain. We predict the dog owners will tie their animals up outside by the steps where they will be unsupervised and not under the control control of their owners. The uncomfortable customers will still have to pass them, whether allergic, nervous  or not.

8 responses to “Dogs no longer welcome at PO

  1. OK, dogs, like children, can be an inconvenient pain in the rear end — but they connect with our wild needs and bring great joy.

    Our lives become impoverished when the ill-considered complaints of a few are allowed to kill the freedom and joy of the many… Our little town just got a little more dreary and a little more cold.

    Perhaps the kill-joy’s have become so domesticated by their own nit-picking rules and regulations that they have lost their “inner wolf”?

    I propose a bylaw to remedy this malaise: Henceforth, all two-legged citizens will be required to scratch the ears/chin/tummy/butt of any dog that they encounter within the fair Town of Wolfville. It’s the polite thing to do.

    Remember — you won’t get H1N1 by shaking hands with a dog.

  2. Are dogs allowed at the Farmers Market?
    I was once told that if a shop owner allows a dog in his shop and a dog bites a customer that they can sue both the shop owner and the dog owner.

  3. @Fluffy – believe they are, on leash of course. There was some talk of banning them, but we don’t believe they have the right to do so since the market is on Town property and dogs are allowed on Town property if they are on leash. Another instance of uneven treatment.

    But we are with Brian on this one. It is good for both dogs and owners to be out and about, socialising. The dogs to watch for are the ones who don’t get this experience. They should, however, be under the control of their owners, who are responsible for their conduct.

  4. It’s a shame, I’ll miss my almost daily chance to say hello to Simon, Rev. Bishop’s dog. No doubt the next missive will be that owners are not allowed to tie their dogs to the railings outside, in fact a dog in that situation could likely be more anxious than one on a leash. Why not a fenced dog park on the front lawn, that would solve a problem or two.

  5. Perhaps an interest group could press for this in Wolfville? Why should the culture group get all the funding? It wouldn’t cost much to have Willow Park or Reservoir Park reserved for One hour – notified- for off leash dogs?

  6. Ideally a dog park should be fenced and monitored- owners have to have dog park tags for their animals and must take responsibility for clean up and behaviour. The SPCA in Charlottetown has two great parks, one for small dogs and one for the large guys- the animals and their owners have a chance to socialize in a secure setting.

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