Don’t forget the Strategic Plan

You have til Monday, the 31st of Aug. to offer a written submission on Wolfville’s Strategic Plan. The deadline was extended to this date following complaints to Council that the time period they had first given for a response was too short, so let’s not waste the extra time they have given us to submit input.

You can read the draft of the Plan on the ToW website via this link [in pdf], but hard copies are also available at  Town Hall or to read at the Wolfville Library.

Written submissions can be emailed to   (Subject line: Strategic Plan) or dropped off at the Town Hall by Monday, August 31. Or they can be faxed to 542-4789

There will also be an “input session”  on Tuesday, Sept 22, 2009 at 7 pm at the Fire Hall [with refreshments they say]but don’t let that prevent you from writing in your opinions also and we would think that you could also make comments on the town website in the comment section underneath the document link.

You may have received, some time ago, a notice in the mail with highlights of the plan. In case not, or in case it has been mislaid, we reproduce the content here.

A vibrant and sustainable small university town which enriches our lives.” Vision

“To excel in the provision of effective and efficient government and work creatively with the community to acheive our vision.” Mission Statement

Goal 1 –  Enrich our Community

  • -Develop a thriving business community
  • Enhance cultural vibrancy and creativity
  • Enhance the environment of our town
  • Enhance social diversity

Goal 2 – Engage and Communicate

  • Foster the positive engagment of citizens
  • Build on existing working relationship with Acadia University

Goal 3 – Enhance the Organization

  • Achieve fiscal health of our town (“living within our means”)
  • Improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency

But they, and we, suggest you read the whole thing.


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