New parking regime in the works

Found at the Post Office counter –  this notice from the Town of Wolfville to “all Downtown Wolfville Merchants and employees, dated Aug. 19, 2009. Emphases and additions in square brackets are ours.

Re: Downtown Parking Program and Parking Permit Requirements
At this time the Town continues to review the Merchant Parking Program, and ask that Wolfville merchants and employees continue to exercise the current parking practices.  The new Merchant Parking Program will provide a simplistic
[Well put? simplism The tendency to oversimplify an issue or a problem by ignoring complexities or complications. simplistic – too simple or naive] parking plan for the downtown core while maintaining the benefits of introducing the Parking Permit Policy in 2005; to provide clearly identified merchant parking for all downtown core businesses and to provide more accessible parking for visitors and customers which will encourage more people to shop in Wolfville.

The estimated timeline for implementation of the new Merchant Parking Program is spring 201 0. The Town’s decision to delay the new Merchant Parking Program relates to the construction of a pathway from Front Street to the new Railway North parking lot.[Good idea!] The construction is expected to be completed in November 2009.  The Railway North parking lot is available for all day parking at this time, with or without a permit.

Prior to the implementation of the new Merchant Parking Program the Town will make a presentation to the Wolfville Business Development Corporation.  The presentation will be available to all merchant and employees to attend.

The Town would like to apologize for the delay of correspondence to merchants and employees following the expiration of the current parking permits. Further information will be distributed in due course.

If you have questions regarding the Town’s Parking Policy or Merchant Parking Program please contact Jennifer Boyd at the Town Office at 542-1068.

2 responses to “New parking regime in the works

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  2. MunicipalAtl

    Hearing many things about parking these days from Charlottetown increasing rates to attract visitors to Moncton merchants asking for free downtown parking. Also, there’s Shoup’s book examining the cost of “free” parking.
    I wonder if the Merchant Parking Plan will be innovative and/or creative or will simply cowtow to reactionary pressures. I look forward to seeing it.