Tracking our tax dollars

While many [including us] are tracking Hurricane Bill we continue to track our tax dollars. Whatever your view of the value of the project, it doesn’t hurt to know where the money goes does it?

The important venue in Wolfville’s cultural landscape is being revitalized thanks to an investment by the federal government. Last week Senator Donald Oliver announced more than $72,429 for upgrades to the structure.

No, not the Atlantic Theatre Festival, the Al Whittle Theatre Co-op.

All the usual suspects were pleased about this government our generosity. Senator Oliver, Mayor Bob Stead, MLA Ramona Jennex, WBDC Prez Peter Herbin, and of course most of all, Councillor Zimmerman. We wonder what Michael Bawtree is thinking.

Don’t get us wrong. We like having the Acadia theatre; we are sure it helps business in town generally and the building has a long history. But money for a digital projector? At who’s expense? What worthier projects weren’t funded? Affordable housing? Jobs for the disabled? University revitalization?

We would rather see this “co-op” stand on its own two feet, supported by shareholders, contributors, sponsors and users. Isn’t that what was expected of the ATF?

We couldn’t help laughing at this line in the report.

Two-thirds of the projects the funds were intended for are complete and he added the cinema is the only independent cinema east of Montreal that can boast a digital projector.

Independent? See THAT’s what bothers us. If our offspring were subsidized heavily by us and described themselves as “independent” we would be more than a little concerned about their attitude.

It appears that the “powers that be” are determined that the only “businesses” or operations that can thrive are dependent on government tax money.


4 responses to “Tracking our tax dollars

  1. Betty Morgan

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some policing through the night along Main Street in Wolfville? What’s the point in spending money fixing up the town when there are vandals running up and down the street playing paint ball and messing up the store fronts? Then there are the regular pigs who throw their garbage on the sides of the roads for someone else to have to clean up.

    If they were caught now and then and fined every time, perhaps they might learn to think of others. Has that become obsolete thinking? Where is the common sense factor among the people who drive around at night looking for something to spoil?

  2. Re the little pocket money we taxpayers allegedly gave to the Al Whittle. Have you compared it to the million plus that the governments have dropped into the lap of the ATF over the past few years and it still isn’t being run like a business. We can thank the Zimmermans for their dedication to making the Al Whittle what it is today and such a success. We in the Wolfville area should make every effort to support the local enterprises before we lose the wonderful little town to the big box stores.

    Speaking of….if only people would have a look at the bamboo items at BoSo. Especially the soft little clothing for babies. Get in there and at the very least wish them success. They are good for the town too.
    Rather than constant criticizing, how about a pat on the back for the business people of Wolfville.

  3. We are happy for you if you think $72,000 plus is chump change, “pocket money”. We also wouldn’t describe this operation as a business and we think Zimmerman wouldn’t like it called that either. It is a co-op, although not purely member supported as it is also now also subsidised with government funds. How many real businesses in town wouldn’t love to tap into similar amounts.

    We are big boosters of small business as you must know if you are a regular reader here. They don’t get many breaks. Our main criticism of them is they don’t stand up for themselves enough or protest their treatment enough. Scared to. They accepted another commercial tax increase without a whimper.

    PS The ATF is dead. Has been for several years. The theatre building is owned by Acadia (as it always was, although the Festival people carried the cost of conversion from rink to theatre) and is now managed by the University. It is now referred to, we notice, as the Acadia Festival Theatre (although where the festive part is we don’t know)

    • Betty Morgan

      I don’t think that Mr. Zimmerman gets the crankys as often as the Wolfville Watch. I think that he and his wife are a real asset to Wolfville. I was driving through town today, on this beautiful sunny day and marveling at the beauty of the little town that we are so privileged to be a part of. The new planters in the middle of town open up the street and are going to be a beautiful addition if the dolts who insist on knocking over the trees are curbed, and let’s hope they are not used as big ashtrays or garbage containers.

      Watch Wolfville folks. It is your town to keep clean.
      Your tax money that pays for the upkeep.
      Once we get some adequate parking perhaps we can take the main block for either one way or just walking in the summer. And eliminate the scramble at the Elm Street Corner. They did it in Kentville.