Parking complaints

In a previous post we mentioned the many complaints we have heard, increasingly over the past few years, about parking – or lack of it – in Wolfville. Whether it is staff of businesses in town, or shoppers coming into town or residents who,  sorry, do not want to walk back home up hill with several bags of groceries, the situation is frustrating.

In our comments this morning we found another parking lament in response to a post on Wolfville’s “Character”.  Here’s part in case you missed it in the comments section.

I live down town Wolfville and I do not have a parking space.I was told at town hall that because I do not work within the town of wolfville that I am not eligible for the purchase of a parking permit therefore I have to either move my car every 2 hours or park down at the skate park. The hard part is when I don’t have a space in town to park and need to go up and get my laundry this is a problem.It’s hard coming back to a parking ticket every time I need to do a wash. Or like when I go to pay for a parking ticket and have no place to park to pay the parking ticket,then receive a new parking ticket.I enjoy going into Town Hall and paying for these with the Strawberry and Raspberry money Im living off of .When the employee’’s at town hall laugh at my situation I seem to get goose bumps over the entire situation.The new flower beds going in by the bank and drug store located in the middle of the town are a real treat too.Our tax money taking up more precious parking spaces.We need more parking not less. … [underlining ours]

The Town considered this resident’s appeal for a permit another silly problem that distracts them from their busy work it seems. Surely the Town could be reasonable and sell Matt a parking permit? If he’d lied and said he worked at Tim Horton’s they probably would have given it to him. We wish we could do more than sympathise. We can only suggest he phone a Councillor or two and perhaps the mayor!? . Read the rest.


3 responses to “Parking complaints

  1. Perhaps the town employees can afford to laugh. How many of them live in town and pay our high taxes? No they just work here and have very convenient parking spaces. Talk about the giant flower boxes, it is too late this year to plant flowers, and judging from the size of the suckers they will probably have to raise the taxes to afford all those flowers. Too bad another three years of this crap.

  2. You want an answer, pave paradice, put up a parking lot.

  3. Pave paradise, put in another concrete flower pot.