Live blogging the NDP convention

No, not us. We’d probably be thrown out on our several ears. But knowing how many N-dippers there are in town we would be remiss if we didn’t let our readers know that Ian Capstick [Gawd – is he old enough to shave let alone “know who he is”? – The graphics look Obama-ish MED0309-website-v2-1

And Warren Kinsella praises him which tells you a bunch, but we digress.] is live blogging the convention. You can “listen in” here. We eavesdropped a while.  Here’s some of our gleanings, in time order:

Ed Broadbent could care less about the name change. He says it’s a symbol and it won’t help. …

Barry W. (socialist caucus) isn’t happy about the number of hours being spent on debate. He thinks we are getting too close to US Democrats. He is asking for an extra hour of policy debate; and asking US Dems to be moved to post-dinenr [sic] tomorrow.  …

32 media, 168 guests & staff, 862 electoral disctricts, 128 affiliates, 82 MPs, former leaders, youth; Total: 1244 participants; as of 1:30 …

NDP now has a permanent FEDERAL staff national wide. 18 staff, now 36 – most of the growth in the past few months….

“The public is a little less partisan than they used to be. And,  I define it on the jargon they hear, not the values we represen.A lot of people think all we are doing this for is for advantage to ourselfs. We have to be very, very careful.” – Doer

Manitoba Premier issues a warning: “people will not want to deal with politics if there is a pandemic. We can be the calm and constructive voice. I don’t want a partisan conflict about this issue (ahem, I *think* he means an election). Point taken,  Gary.

Good dinner with Michael Byers, resting briefly at the hotel. Action on the live blog back at 7:30 pm AST (6:30 EST)

Check the rest out yourself. Notice they have already changed the name here!

Oh Good Grief – from the NDP website:

Every player in the NHL produces 10 tons of greenhouse gases each year, most of it through travel,” said Ference. [What about making ICE!!!!] “The NHL Players Association is running the Carbon Neutral Challenge to give players an opportunity to offset that carbon. Already more than 500 of our members are paying offsets [They get hit into the boards alot- you have to forgive them] and awareness is growing.”

LATER: For a round up from an “outsider” see this summary.


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