Blogging Frank 565

With less than a week to go until the new ish of Frank Mag we feel free to highlight a few of the offerings in numero 565:

First mention goes to Railtown news on Page 14, which isn’t much new really, just a report that RIC New Brunswick Inc has taken legal action against Railside Development to petition it into bankruptcy, naming also the Sousas in the action. RIC loaned the Railtown project $6.7 million in the past 3 years and is owed a total of almost $ 8 million plus interest. [Unsubstantiated rumour around town is that unit deposits weren’t put in trust but considered “investments” and that a certain realtor prominent in “selling” the units has left town to take up residence in Ottawa. Probably wise. Perhaps we will read more about this in the next Frank as the court date was, we hear, yesterday.]

What else? Oh, yes, half page on MLA furniture featuring ex Kings North MLA Mark Parent who has apparently sold his office furniture “lock, stock and barrel” to Ramona Jennex now MLA for Kings South. It was first offered to Jim Morton who first declined, then changed his mind but too late. Selling off furniture is apparently a political tradition; Robbie Harrison sold his stuff to David Morse in ’99 and other MLAs (listed) have done the same thing. Why is this of interest? Because the stuff is paid for with taxpayer money but the sale proceeds don’t go back to govt. coffers.

I am told the N-dippers, who control the all party Internal Economy Board, will be putting an end to this ridiculous perk. No longer will MLAs be allowed to make off like bandits with their office furniture in tow.

To which we say Hallelujah along with Franklander Q. Bickle.

Next item with a local connection is a piece on Ramona Jennex’s son’s tragic accident. The main revelation there was that he was impaired and was thrown from the car. Just a sad story with the irony that Jennex is  now minister of Service NS, the Immigration and Emergency Management Office and minister responsible for youth.

Of interest to anyone following the kangaroo courts Human Rights Commissions is the piece entitled “Some, but not all are safe & secret inside the Star Chamber” which pretty well sums it up. The HRC slaps a publication ban on the name of the accuser but drags the names of the subjects of the complaint through the mud of printers ink.

What hasn’t been reported is that five years ago, a one-man board of inquiry struck the Commish decreed that he didn’t have jurisdiction to issue any sort of publication ban.

The present HRC CEO disputes this decision, noting an older (1992) decision which allowed it.

...the conflicting decisions prove that whether or not boards of inquiry, or other quasi-judicial bodies have such powers is an “open issue” that needs clarifying either from legislators or a higher court.

Seems like the HRC wants all the powers with none of the responsibilities since they didn’t follow judicial rules in this case and notify media and other vested interests so that they can present arguments against the ban. Frank quotes a case AGNS vs. MacIntyre as follows:

Many times it has been urged that the ‘privacy’ of litigants require that the public be excluded from court proceedings. It is now well established, however, that covertness is the exception and openness the rule… as a general rule the sensibilities of the individuals involved are no basis for exclusion of the public.

Some complainants have made a nice living out of bringing cases to the HRC although we are not saying that is so in this case. Our problem with the HRCs are that they are taking on cases beyond the original intent, have accrued more and more legal power but don’t have legally qualified people hearing the cases or follow legal processes. We think they should be abolished and these cases returned to the court system which should be expanded if necessary to deal with them.

There’s a lengthy piece on Katherine Fountain [18 yr. old daughter of Fred and Elizabeth and Miss Teen Halifax World] with some pics and unflattering quotes taken from her earlier (2006) My Space pages. She’s grown up since then and is we hope now much more careful about what she posts on the net. Nice bikini pic but Frank didn’t use it as a centrefold; that was reserved for pics of the Gay Pride parade!

Our favorite section- Letters- has lots of interest but the one we will mention here is one referring to a letter in the previous issue [see our post Blogging Frank 564] and in defense of Ray Ivany:

Dear Frank: Last issue’s letter regarding Acadia prez Ray Ivany (Frank 564) was a bit harsh if you ask me. Surely he’s more qualified to run an institution of higher learning than Alexa MCDonough! [Signed] Dean of Hearts, Wolfville.

So that’s it folks, til next time.

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  1. That article was really creepy and those quotes made up, as most things are in Frank. Don’t believe everything you read.