Wolfville podcasts

A podcast camp at the C@P site ( Wolfville Library) has given Wolfville a broadcast voice.  “I think the Town of Wolfville is due to have a radio station.” said Douglas Spriggs, a Gr. 10 student at Horton High,  one of the group.

Bailey Reid, a Grade 12 student at Horton High, said she was attracted to the summer camp because “I like the aspect of giving back to the community.”

Her friend, Laura Eye, also a Grade 12 student at Horton High, said their generation “is in love with technology.” …

“Our goal will be to put live shows on the live radio station,” student intern Katherine Duncan explained.

There are now 5 C@pcasts available: [ We like the opening music but some might not.]

The first –Hello Wolfville– has the top ten fiction titles at the Annapolis Valley regional Library, some community events and a weather report.

The second – Wolfville Tonight – highlights some events in the community and an interview with a member of Entertainment Tonight Canada crew. [TV work isn’t all that glamourous really]

The third – Out and About– highlights a list of “staff pick” books from the Library plus a segment asking passer-bys  ” If you could change one thing about Wolfville what would it be?”  [Interesting comments here- make sure you catch this one!]

The fourth – Teen Special– a youth based episode had top song and movie picks and highlights New Minas Days.

In the last one listed –Streets of Wolfville– they ask “What is your opinion of the roads in Wolfville?”. “It’s actually embarrassing.” [More interesting comments.]

What do you think? Give them a thrill and e-mail your opinions to Capcast.opinions@gmail.com


2 responses to “Wolfville podcasts

  1. Great idea, haven’t listened to the “podcast” yet (sever is too slow, and they are using mms). If students, or anyone for that matter wanted to they could make something like this work. Mind you they need to put in a fair bit of work. I’d like to see the town/local businesses advertise in it if they continue this after the summer.

  2. Some with Vista apparently can’t catch the podcasts so they have some work to do on access also but it does seem like a viable idea. We really liked the “man” on the street interchanges (actually most were women!). They tell us more podcasts are planned and “… hopefully live internet radio shows” so we want to stay tuned.