Post pourri

Just a few tit-bits of possible interest:

  • We notice that Sherwood Drive is finally paved. Hallelujah!
Should municipal governments use political parties?
(28 %)
(72 %)

Not scientific of course but worth noting. Municipal Councils should attempt to be problem solving or resolution bodies not ideological tools. We fear that already some decisions are not made on rational grounds but on the basis of personal ideology alone.

A female student, who was brutally sexually assaulted while she worked in a science lab at Carleton University two years ago, is suing the school for half a million dollars. … Since the assault, Carleton University has invested $1.6 million to ramp up security and campus safety. New measures include more security cameras and security patrols.

Can’t hurt for Acadia to think  a little more about campus security before a case arises.

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