Blogging Frank 564

It’s that time again when we review some of the more interesting – to us- items in that notorious rag, Frank Magazine.

First of note is a newish offering “Tweets of the Week, which features some of Franks twitter messages. We follow Frank on twitter but frankly:) we have missed most of their tweets. Things move fast on twitter and we are not always at our desk.  The trick is to retweet [RT], with a slight update if possible but we suppose Frankland grunts haven’t a lot of time on their hands. However, here’s one we did catch,  not in the print copy:

When are the Fountains going to get that cherry picker out of their Young Ave yard?

There’s a sad piece on the loss of the Violet Clark building in Halifax.You can almost hear the violins playing. The photo of the demolished building somehow reminded us of the mess at Wolfville’s Town Centre. [Now with environmentally friendly tree stumps!]

The Secret History of Howard Hyde [taser victim #xxx] was really more a secret history of his grandfather, uncle and other family. Fascinating though.

Frank speculates about Jim Nunn’s political future, suggesting his ambitions were reinforced by Frank McKenna at Romeo LeBlanc’s funeral [ the same funeral where Liberal hacks made up stories about the PM- that funeral]

There’s a disappointing, not very informative, story on Anne Calder’s misfortunes. There is more to this story than meets the eye and we thought Frank would sniff it out.

After a cute baby photo of the newest McDonough there is a list of office equipment being auctioned off by outgoing cabinet Minister Len Goucher.

He buys cheap stuff” says one unimpressed computer geek looking at Lenny’s sale list. “Everybody does.”

Skipping past houses being flogged we find Frankland Kijiji. The small print’s hard to read but it’s fun. Sample ad:

Woodworking – Halifax man, politically aware, socially active, environmentally conscious, loves cabinets. Would love to be in one. Please contact

And last but not least, in our favorite section [Letters] this:

More Billboard Blight

Dear Frank: So they finally take down that offensive Fred MacGillvray mental illness billboard near Seaview Park (Frank 559) only to deface the corner of Barrington and Rector with this Acadia U atrocity featuring Wolfville’s non PhD holding president Ray Ivany. “Where Ray invites you along for the ride.” Huh What lame-ass marketing team came up with this? Some dipstick from Ray’s days at the N.S. Community College? More like “Come to Acadia and let our nerdy president take you for a ride.” There’s an equally stupid one further up Barrington where alumni president Bruce Phinney’s painted up like Braveheart! The only passable ad in the series I’ve seen to date can be found on the Bedford Highway. That one, which includes a picture of Biology prof. Dr. Anna Redden, say: “Where Anna’s research meets the rising tide.” Make no mistake – it’s still lame, but it’s far less likely to test the limits of my gag reflex. [signed] Linda Lovelace, Beaver Bank

A little hard on Ray don’t you think? The ad will probably work for their target audience if not the rather elitist and feminist billboard reviewer.  Ivany has a hard row to hoe. We’re willing to cut him some slack.

There’s also a letter questioning why no one is talking about Peter Kelly’s split from his wife [Fair question]  and one on “doublespeak” at the Capital District Health Authority which resonates with us.

‘CDHA ceo Chris Power and her high powered inner circle are now collectively referred to as the “Leadership Enabling Team”. Honestly, what does this mean… Is this even English?. …But at the CDHA bureaucratic mindlessness runs rampant. Here you have senior v-p Lea Bryden overseeing “citizen engagement and accountability” while veeps Barbara Hall and Ken Baird are in charge of “person-centred health”. As opposed to what, budgie-centered health? Giraffe-centred health? Feline-Centred health? …. Person- Centred death? I swear the inmates started running the asylum a long time ago. [signed]  E. Rational Hammonds Plains.

We know how E. Rational feels.


4 responses to “Blogging Frank 564

  1. Wolfvillain

    New billboard idea: “Where Linda should keep to herself unless she actually has something intelligent to say: Beaver Bank”

    I really don’t fault anyone for calling the billboards lame, but at worst I think you could call them mediocre. Yes, they are nowhere near as clever as some people like to think they are, but they’re not an “atrocity” by any means. They’re “meh”. They’re “passable”. Nothing worse.

    What I found irksome about the Linda’s comments were her brilliant, painstakingly researched anecdotes about President Ivany. I don’t know how they mark here as a “feminist”, but they sure as heck make her look like an ignorant dumbass.

    I guess Ivany is a nerd based on the overwhelming evidence of…him wearing glasses? Please, enlighten me Linda.

    I also love the fact that Nova Scotia’s most eloquent denizen points out that he is a “non PhD holding president”. After the last few presidents and given its current situation, someone who has knowledge of the academic world, has turned a set of educational institutions around (helped by “dipsticks” or not…), and is more of a businessman than an academic is exactly what Acadia needs. A turnaround requires a strong sense of organizational administration and communications, not a cool set of robes. Both academics and non-academics have their unique blindspots when placed in positions of power in a university setting, but both are capable of leading.

  2. Glad you mentioned the nerd characterization; we meant to comment on that. We don’t know if Ivany is nerdy or not but we definitely thought the days of looking down your nose at nerds were over in any case. As you point out quite ably, Acadia needs a “can do” guy and Ivany may fit the bill.

  3. You are sure right when you say there is more than meets the eye in the A Calder story. Sadly I reported her to the Legal Aid Commission in March after I fired her and again in April and sadly had they not been so lazy and corrupt she would have been spared the public shame….they knew months in advance from me, and I hope others, that she should not have been practicing for various reasons.
    Frank Mag was given an exclusive on the Patrick Murphy rape and chose not to do any story…now there is a story.. Frank not doing a story!!!!!!

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