Comments on Strategic Plan II

The second submission is from Lutz Becker. This is a copy of a letter submitted to Ms. Boyd concerning THE PLAN.  We have taken the liberty of adding a link to Becker’s blog at the end.

Dear Ms. Boyd:

For decades and maybe centuries this Town has obviously done “business” and survived without the presence of a Strategic Plan.

To ask our residents – during the holiday period – to provide input and suggestions within 5 to 6 days after the draft of the Plan was available proves again that this Town and its Administration have absolutely no understanding of what it means and/or no intention to really involve the public in their decision-making process.

I regard it as irony in Mayor Stead’s introductory letter indicating that the Council wishes “suggestions and comments” within this given time frame of 5 to 6 days for a key document like a Strategic Plan.

I strongly demand the decision by Council to be delayed until after the holiday period to provide more time for our residents – incl. the now absent holiday seekers – to come up with their ideas and suggestions for such a key document.

Best regards,

Lutz E. Becker

Cc/ Councillors

Voices of Wolfville”



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