Dear Abby

A resident of Wolfville, and one of our frequent readers and commenters,  has written a letter to the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force expressing his frustration. He sent us a copy – and it makes great copy.  Mr. Sanderson has a style impossible to imitate . We don’t even try. We offer you a sample of his opinion  –

  • Missing from the guiding document is “protection of personal freedom and liberty”.
  • Missing from the guiding document is “a commitment to honesty”.
  • The latest budget included the following remarkable statement about the 2004 increase in the Deed Transfer Tax:
    If anything it has added to the general revenue of the Town without increasing the tax burden.”
  • Whoever wrote that rubbish couldn’t lie straight in bed!

– and then direct you to his page to enjoy the full flavour . Make sure you read the whole thing, right down to the “Good luck to us all”, or you will miss the best bits.


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