Parker Dunham’s blog

Parker Donham has a blog called “the contrarian”. Well, he would probably call it something else, like reporting, but it looks like a blog to us. It appears he has been at it since May but we have just discovered the site and his post on Anne Calder. It’s definitely going on our Atlantic Blogroll.

Here’s a quote from a previous post and a link.

This is as good a time as any to link to one of contrarian’s all-time favorite blog post, The Curious Cultural Journaey [sic] of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, on Michael Barthel’s

Using copious clips, Barthel traces Hallelujah’s evolution from an upbeat, ironic, throwaway tune on Cohen’s all but forgotten 1984 album Various Positions, through a John Cale’s 1991 remake, the posthumous, dirge-like version by Jeff Buckley that most people are familiar with, and its perennial use on TV and movie soundtracks as an auditory cue that something sad is happening. Two years ago, Barthel tallied an incredible 24 soundtrack uses of this kind, and the number can only have grown since then.

Along the way, he argues persuasively, performers and listeners have missed the complexity and irony of this changeable song.

We’ll be looking in but we miss Harry Fleming. He would have made a great blogger.


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  1. Nah. I would call it a blog. Thanks for the mention.

    — Parker