In a Bull’s Eye

That’s Mr. Bob Gee owner of Mader’s Tobacco in Kentville whose case we have been following for some time.  He figures he is a “target for government pure and simple. ” So much so he is thinking of putting an archery target bull’s eye in the store window. He has been charged again for displaying legal tobacco products in contravention of the Tobacco Access Act although the government seems very loathe to hear his case.

I find it troubling that government is coming into my business and telling me what I can and can’t do selling a legal product. If they don’t want it, they should make it illegal.”

Indeed. Mr. Gee is the canary in the mine. Today it is tobacco, tomorrow pesticides, or fast food, or foreign food, or whatever the government wants to target next, whether legal or not. According to the report in the Advertiser  (July 14, pp 6,21) Mr. Gee has been told that government’s goal was to “de-normalize” tobacco within 10 years. Don’t you just love that SO nice word they use? Do they mean make all tobacco products illegal?  Can they afford to? Have they told the rest of the country we wonder? Have they told the Natives aboriginals cigarette smugglers?

The government taxes Mr. Gee, taxes the product (which encourages contraband products to compete with his business) and then harasses him, charging him and taking him to court using those, that is our, tax dollars.

…the battle is beginning to take on a “David versus Goliath” feel.

“We want it dealt with sooner than later,” he said. “I told the inspector, I hope they don’t stay the charges again.”

Mr. Gee sounds like a reasonable guy and he thinks, as we do, that this and other similar issues are a matter of education not legislation.  Otherwise we are heading down the road to a police state. Give him a call and offer your support. We are sure he could use it.


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