Wolfville vital signs

Another survey is being circulated, to some residents at least, this time from an organization called Wolfville Vital Signs which is part of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Mayor Bob Stead is Chair of the 2009 Board of Directors.

There will be a public meeting apparently, on Aug. 5, at 6pm [location TBA]

…for citizens of the Town to grade how we are doing in certain areas. We want to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve!

Your input will become part of Wolfville’s Vital Signs – a survey of life in our Town that examines everything from health and wellness, community belonging, the economy and the environment (and more!).

Your opinions will:
-help us gain a better understanding of the needs of our community
-influence the Wolfville Community Fund’s funding priorities; and
-be used by community leaders, politicians, donors and others to inform important decisions that affect our quality of life.

If they are looking for vital signs they might notice that businesses are flat lining.

If you want a copy of the survey to fill out we expect Lisanne Turner will e-mail you a copy if you phone and ask her OR follow this link.

The survey was put together in cooperation with another outfit called BALLENS – i.e. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies NS. They believe in:

The “Triple Bottom Line”: People, Planet, Profits. We imagine communities  of every size engaged in sustainable agriculture, green building, renewable energy, zero-waste manufacturing and independent retail – what we call the building blocks of Living Economies.

Do you think either of these groups has what it takes to give our businesses a transfusion? Heck even Hatt and Kull [you can’t get any more environmental than they were] couldn’t survive here.

*PS. Community Foundation of NS is a founding member of BALLE – Ecology Action Centre is another founding group. We suppose they all get funding as different organizations but they all link up and cooperate and, we suppose, have a similar agenda.


7 responses to “Wolfville vital signs

  1. I heard yesterday that any new business that opens in town that the people in charge were told to make a big deal of it. A few service based businesses may open, but they have killed retail.

  2. People, Planet, Profits… it has a ring. But with Chairman Mayor Stead, I suspect the three P’s are just another excuse for Picking Private Pockets.

  3. I really think Mr. Stead should spend more of his time developing an exercise/diet program for himself. This would be more beneficial than trying to develop useless bylaws and expensive projects in the wrong location.

    Apparently Mr. Stead hasn’t heard that we are in the middle of a recession. I thought that when you are in a recession you are supposed to cut back on spending. Obviously he doesn’t care when he is spending the taxpayers money.

  4. Will he go down in history as Wolfville’s worse mayor? The should be a law that a mayor can run for max. two terms.

  5. There was nothing VITAL about this town yesterday afternoon when we were out walking, in fact it appeared to be needing life support. Streets were very quiet, all the B&B’s listed at the tourist bureau had vacancies, the outdoor eateries were nearly empty. It will take more than beautification and an exercise/diet program for his highness to breath some life back into the community.

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