Stop sign in Wolfville

For your amusement, in case you weren’t there to see it yourself, we offer this Youtube video [thanks to sk0rponok] of the first day of the 4 way stop in Wolfville at the corner of Gaspereau and Main St. Edited out – mostly – were those who noticed and paid attention. This was also before the Town added a flashing light.

We remind our readers of the comment we heard at Elederkins the next day.” You would think they had never see a 4 way stop in their life”.

Our observation, after watching it at various times over the last month or so, is that the addition certainly improves the flow of traffic N/S. No more frustrating waits at busy times. Many people will applaud this; those coming from the very popular underground market at the Robie Tufts Square will love it, those travelling E/W are probably not so pleased.


3 responses to “Stop sign in Wolfville

  1. George Townsend

    This isn’t a conventional four-way stop because it involves multiple lanes. A four-way stop may have a right turn to yield but not within the four-way stop itself. The right turn commonly precedes the main intersection. It is also unusual/confusing to have a left turn lane at the intersection within a conventional four-way stop. Our CAO claims there are a number of these in Halifax (HRM) region but I have yet to see one. Studies have shown that confusion increases the probability of an accident. Has the town accepted the liability for this curious experiment?

    • There is indeed at least one such a 4 way stop in Halifax with multiple lanes – turn lanes. It is in the vicinity of South St. and Barrington.

  2. It’s not perfect but compliance has certainly increased considerably since the video was shot. It is still very scary being a pedestrian anywhere in that intersection, however. I hope the stop signs remain until monies can be found to put in proper traffic lights.