In the Kings County Register of June 25th there is a report from single dubya entitled  “Wolfville sets it [sic] rate“.  This is a report, sort of, on the last budget meeting June 22 when the Town budget was passed by an at least partially reluctant Council. The report was written [purportedly] by our well known local “reporter” who was apparently present but it seems like it was written by someone else. It is hard to tell sometimes. Sometimes minds are so aligned …

The part of her report that jumped out at us, having heard repeatedly what was said at the meeting from other quarters, was this line:

Speaking of disparagement by a few citizens, Stead added he is not prepared to change the character of the town without sufficiently good reason.

Gosh! That’s not what we heard. The quote going around town about Mayor Stead’s opinion of disparaging remarks was this quote:

“undeducated, ignorant and unfair”

We would be happy to correct this at any time if the tape of the meeting – which should be available for any resident to hear – contradicts our sources.


9 responses to “Reporting?

  1. I don’t know about uneducated, but the mayor IS ignorant and unfair.

  2. A little off topic but, how many businesses have closed since our supreme leader has been in office?

  3. Way too many and yet another is about to bite the dust- an institution here, Light and Shadow as we know it will disappear August 1- no more rentals and eventually just purchases of movies online. BTW, the saga on Main St. continues- we now have water troughs running between the hot tubs, when are the cattle going to arrive?

  4. The mayor is ruling his tiny kingdom with reckless abandon.It is clear that his focus is leaving a legacy rather than being a good mayor that is fiscally responsible,by creating useless bylaws and gaudy planters that he can claim are a monument to his tenure as the worst mayor of Wolfville.What next?planters in the Irving Park.That would make sense and totally out of character with The Emperor’s vision.P.S. nice coat.

  5. The Wendy Elliott article is full of revealing quotes. Take this one:
    “Zimmerman suggested council rethink the budget process and, with staff guidance, establish priorities.”
    Once again Zimmerman boldly defers to guidance from the problem makers — rather than just fixing the problem!

    • We think there is too much “staff guidance” ie CAO guidance and not enough muscle exercised by Councillors. We think there should also be resident input to priorities. And NOT via another silly survey.

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