Jim Nunn’s farewell

Frank has alerted us via Facebook that they have Jim Nunn’s farewell on the their YouTube Channel. Fans of Jim Nunn we are not, but we know some who are,  so we are passing this on.


One response to “Jim Nunn’s farewell

  1. George Townsend

    They started with a fumble and some awkwardness, despite the fact that both were seasoned pros within their respective fields, but the team of Jim Nunn and Peter Code turned out to be the best combination we’ve had on the Six O’clock News since the time of Lloyd McGuiness and Rube Hornstein. Jim’s style was cogent and he had his way of afflicting the comfortable. With tongue in cheek, literally, he had his guest just where he wanted them hook, line and sinker. Some may have wanted to strangle him but only a partisan could conclude that Jim Nunn was doing anything less than should be expected from a consummate professional.
    The new guy simply doesn’t cut it. I recommend we start a petition to get Jim back where he belongs. Jim isn’t old enough to retire and his best is yet to come.