An open letter to Council

This is a letter to Mayor and Council from one of their constituents which he has sent also to us. Brian calls at least some of them gentlemen.

Dear Gentlemen,

It seems that Council is on the verge of supporting the Hospice Foundation to the tune of $114,533.

(1) I thought Heath Care was a Federal and Provincial responsibility?
(2) Does Wolfille Council (ie Our Lord Mayor) have an ambition to start meddling in Health Care legislation?
(3) This is a time when the citizens are calling for budgetary restraint. Is fiscal responsibility now off the agenda?
(3) The plans for this Hospice have never been seen by any of us. Where will it be built? How will its operation be funded (lets see the legal documentation)?  Can Council clearly demonstrate that they the vaguest idea of what they are FORCING the taxpayer to fund?

This Hospice business looks even more shady that the infamous Town Centre  Project… in that case we saw:
(1) The Mayor grandstanding in a CH article
(2) NO PLANS to flesh out what the Mayor was on about
(3) NO RESPONSE to taxpayer requests for a plans… including correspondence from this taxpayer.
The project had been funded, announced, and the heavy machinery was on the verge of moving in BEFORE anyone had the vaguest notion of what was going to be done!
(4) Some months later, the Mayor announces that he will meet with a bunch of business leaders to figure out a plan…. and that plan would include INCREASED PARKING.
(5) In the Mayors Newsletter, we are lead to believe that the GOOD citizens of Wolfville are right behind the CRAZY schemes of Our Lord Mayor. Well I am PROUD to be a BAD citizen!
(6) Next thing we see… concrete fish tanks all over a commercially important parking lot.

Oh, and by the way, that guff in the Mayors Newsletter — about how Council was being so consultative by allowing the public to listen in on their meetings — was outrageous.  The public can listen but not speak. Inconvenient correspondence is ignored. Mayor, in Australia they would call you a deceptive lying b_____d…. I can’t think of the correct Canadian words.

Best Regards to any Councilor who will represent the Taxpayer,

Brian’s letter went in one ear and out the other with some on Council it  appears as reports of the meeting last night come in. Although not in the budget for this year, taxpayers are on the hook (it seems) to help fund health care for the next 3 at least.


One response to “An open letter to Council

  1. Let’s start a bad citizens group. Meeting tomorrow 9:00 at the pools, rain place TH.