Municipal government takes on Health care

A slippery slope? Some might think so. Where will it end we would like to know? It’s enough for us to think renting would be cheaper.

Here is the latest from David Daniels on his view of the Hospice matter and the legalities of what the Town calls commitments.

During the budgeting process, Council agreed to fund the hospital and hospice beginning next fiscal year and for the next six or seven years after that.  Councilor Zimmerman raised the issue that the Council this year had no authority to commit money for next fiscal year’s budget.  This same concern obviously would hold true for years two through seven.  The Council at the time did not explain how it had the legal authority to make such a commitment.

We now have the Council’s solution by way of a proposed resolution for the special budget meeting set for June 22nd.


RESOLVED  that Council support the request for the Valley Health Hospital and Hospice Foundation to a total sum of $114,533

FURTHER RESOLVED that Council will attempt to fund this commitment during the current Council mandate.”

Read carefully, this resolution does not quite address the problem.  It’s fine to “support” the request, but the Hospice Foundation may be looking for more.  What are the “commitment” and “current Council mandate” referring to in the second resolved paragraph?

Here is an alternate resolution the Council may wish to consider:

WHEREAS,  the Hospice Foundation seeks funding from the Town of Wolfville in the amount of $114,533 over three to five years to [describe project]; and

WHEREAS, Council recognizes the benefits the Project will have, both direct and indirect, for the citizens of Wolfville; and

WHEREAS, Council acknowledges that it cannot legally commit to fund the Project beyond the current fiscal year;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council should make every effort to fund the Project in future fiscal years in the amount requested, although the time frame for payment may be extended.

David Daniels
June 21, 2009

This Council seems determined to  force us – and the future mayor and Council whoever they may be – to give money to this charity and to set a precedent for property tax to be used for Health care funding. And Wolfville is such a trend setter – watch for this to be tried on every Council around.


One response to “Municipal government takes on Health care

  1. The Provincial and Federal Governments have made a fuddle-duddling mess of health care…. and now the Mayor of Wolfville is moving in for the kill.

    It might “feel good” for municipalities to move into the health care business — but it will be a disaster because the logic is all wrong. Sometimes, people with the best of intentions can cause the very worst of outcomes.