Wolfville swimming pools

No, we are sorry kids, they are not swimming pools, although they are large enough to be and have been described as such and the reinforced concrete used would be enough for one. No, they are flower beds or tree beds or something and they will be part of the very expensive, new “Town Centre”, so called, in Wolfville.

As usual, appearance trumps everything. No matter that the stores downtown have flooding basements due to aging water infrastructure. No matter that we have 14 – count em- empty storefronts. No matter that we need the parking spaces that have disappeared and the Town has plenty of trees and flowers already. No matter Sherwood STILL isn’t paved.

But it is provincial and federal money as well as our tax dollars at work, you say? You mean you don’t pay federal or provincial taxes? Believe it. We all pay for it,  all of it. We would wish it was spent on something meaningful.

If someone takes a picture of these monstrosities we would be pleased to post it.


8 responses to “Wolfville swimming pools

  1. Isn’t there a place in Italy that has three pools, well leave it to Wolfville to one up. The pools filled with water would be more fun, we could put fish in them, skate on them in the winter. What do we need parking for if all the shops are closing. If our supreme leader says we need pools instead of parking places, who are we to question the supreme leader.

  2. I think they should be used as dunk tanks- the powers that be could dunked to raise funds for the cash strapped businesses in town.

  3. We could cover them with wood and have little stages. Joe’s could have dinner/theatre, Wolfville was always one for the theatre darling 😉
    But in the end we will have flowers and more flowers, maybe they could plant the kind of flowers that one could eat, and feed the masses at the same time. One must ask our supreme leader if this is possible.

  4. Chris Lynch

    Who designed this Town Centre? Was there any public input into the design or any public consultation on the drafts? I don’t remember any requests for input. Perhaps they were put before Council to approve? Perhaps I haven’t been paying sufficient attention.

  5. We were not consulted, the supreme leader and his inner circle decide these things for us.

  6. My 10 year old says we have it all wrong. Apparently he thinks the Mayor is genius and I’m just a silly old fool…. They are hot tubs!

  7. Hot tubs, fantastic what a wondrful idea, your 10 year old is smarter than the supreme leader.

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