Moving in Day

After an election with a turnout even lower than the historic low last year , the PCs are moving out, laden with cash, leaving the shredders smoking and the NDP are moving in, after DD gets sworn in this evening. Expectations are high, some might say impossible. Some people think that since the NDP are in power now there is nothing more to do or to worry about it, expecting that utopia has arrived.

Not us. We will be watching, interested first in seeing who DD chooses for cabinet posts. Since it is people who make systems work not systems that make people work, quality people should be job one for any government. Hard to make a silk purse out of sows ears. [Please don’t accuse us of calling anyone pigs. IT’S AN EXPRESSION!] Lots of speculation about potential Ministers but no hard news. We are quite happy to wait and see, although we might predict that Jim Morton, of Kings North, will be among the favoured.

Later: We forgot gender politics. The Valley seat at the table goes to rookie but properly sexed Jennex who gets Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. [Maybe she’ll give us a municipal auditor?]  AND she gets Immigration AND Emergency Management. She had better be a barn burner. [Don’t take that literally. IT’S AN EXPRESSION]

Some people  have no fear that this new crowd will be beholden to Unions. Others are not at all so sure of that.

For example :

... after listening to Premier elect Darrell Dexter state over and over to the media that he is not going to be beholding to CUPE or the NSGEU, look what he has done.

Two of Darrell’s transition team are Robert Chisholm Regional Director CUPE and Ray Larkin legal council for the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union. Larkin is also well known for being associated with the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour.

Will people still have the burning desire to – as they saying goes – “speak truth to power?” as they did to the PCs?  Or will they retire saying “ Our work here is done.


One response to “Moving in Day

  1. George Townsend

    All political parties within Nova Scotia have been left-leaning “liberals” for as many years as I have been eligible to vote. Even Robert Stanfield, for whom I have an undying respect, emphasized the “progressive” in his provincial Progressive Conservative party which he personally built from the ground up. Just like the characters on Bob Newhart, Daryl, Daryl and Daryl, here in Nova Scotia we’ve consistently been offered the political choices of left, left and more to the left! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! The whole difference with the NDP is that they are inherently honest left-wingers. And for lack of a better word, without intending to be negative, the other parties have been imposters. Understandably, I exclude the Green Party from this analogy. The provincial Liberals and Conservatives ( and, yes, let’s drop the word “progressive” which came from the Western “liberal” Progressive Party and is now, surely, an anachronism ) must now find their rightful place within the political spectrum and offer each Nova Scotian a real choice. They both now have the time to do this because Mr. Dexter has a clear majority and his work cut out for him. Let’s wish him the best and hope he succeeds. He has earned the chance and we owe him the opportunity. Let’s face it, Mr. Dexter is where he is today because the old-line political parties have lost our respect within this system of government we call “democracy” . . . and that’s the way the chips have fallen! We must do all we can to help him succeed because his success is our success . . . and to think otherwise is foolhardy!