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Isn’t it amazing that residents of Wolfville have to tell the Administration what their legal responsibilities are …?

That’s a question Mr. Becker asks in one of his recent posts on VoW [Voices of Wolfville].

Mr. Becker has many questions, and unfortunately has received few satisfactory answers, which of course leads him to ask more questions.

He started this particular investigation with this question:

When and in what newspaper(s) were the grants and contributions of the Town of Wolfville published during the last five budget years ending with the budget year 2008/2009?

And he asked that question because he noticed that in the Municipal Government Act [The MGA, sometimes called the MJ by the mayor] it states –

…in section 65 ss. (au) that “the municipality shall publish annually a list of the organizations and grants or contributions made pursuant to this clause in a newspaper circulating in the municipality”. This requirement is the law since 2003.

Apparently the Town responded to Mr. Becker’s enquiry admitting that this list has never been published and offered the excuse that other municipalities haven’t done this either. [Are we sure of this?]  We could guess that if we were  stopped for some by-law infraction – say not picking up after our dog – and we said in our defense that our neighbours didn’t do this either we would be laughed at.

In any case, the Town has promised to “go and sin no more.” They will be publishing the list from now on and for the previous year (2008/9). [Sounds very much like their assessment appeal notices requirement! The Town was supposed to let residents know if it was appealing their assessment; it didn’t but it will now.]

It would be salutary for residents to know what groups were being blessed  with municipal largesse,  so watch for the list of the favoured “in the next few weeks” in the Advertiser. We think that publishing this list will be an improvement in accountability and we thank Lutz for bringing it to the Town’s attention.

What else will he, or someone else have to bring to their attention? Seems we are paying a Chief Administrative Officer to handle such things? BTW, Herr Becker has an update on his blog on the CAO contract issue too.


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  1. Not allowed to ask questions, shut up and believe.