A letter to the editor

Yesterday a letter from Brian Sanderson appeared in the CH. It was a comment on our mayor’s prominent article in the CH regarding a proposed ban on pesticides. We copy it here in full for those who haven’t seen it. The link to the CH Voice of the People may eventually disappear.

Bureaucratic bloat

I’m going to frame the first three pages of the June 9 Chronicle Herald. Good work for shining some light on the dark underbelly of federal politics!

On page 8, same issue, we see the Mayor of Wolfville, Robert Stead, grandstanding about banning lawn pesticides. That article is pinned to my dartboard. Now, I’m no advocate for lawn pesticides. Heck, I don’t even like lawns — but I respect your absolute right to have one. It’s the “ban” bit that bothers me.

I could fill an entire issue of The Chronicle Herald about the propensity of this mayor for the formulation of unworkable and authoritarian bylaws. Make no mistake; Wolfville property owners pay a premium for the whims of Mayor Stead.

Wolfville bureaucracy was never inexpensive but its cost has almost doubled under the leadership of Mayor Stead. The only version of the 2009-2010 town budget released to the public, in the last week of May, says: “The residential tax increase due to assessment growth at the proposed lower tax rate of 1.39 represents $27.26 per $100,000 of property assessment.”

Hey, mayor, tax does not increase because of an increase in the assessed value of property! Taxes increase because Mayor Stead wastes our money on liberty-stifling bureaucratic bloat.

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville



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