Wolfville Town Newsletter

Ooops. Sorry. It’s The Mayor’s Newsletter.It says so in big letters at the top. It’s clear even without the title because it has all the mayor’s pet projects in it. There’s The Mayor’s Letter, in green of course – more on that later – and his picture in colour on the back with Princess Wolfville 2009. There’s a bit about fair trade Fair Trade and an item on pesticides AND an item on the NS Nature Trust. See what we mean. It really is the mayor’s newsletter even though it has that line “Wolfville’s Community Newsletter ” in small print underneath.

We LOVED the mayor’s letter. It’s so revealing, we think he must actually have written it himself. Consider this quote:

Any government works at its best when working as a team and people who support us expect and deserve nothing less.

And what about the people who don’t support you? Just wondering. [Later – we take that as a message to new councillors to get with the Program.]

Then he goes on:

In equal measure those of us at the government table expect and deserve interest and cooperation and respect from our electors.

Does he really? He may expect those things, and THINK he deserves them but he has to earn them in our view. Even the interest. We have no interest in wasting our time. But you can see what the mayor is sensitive to, can’t you?

What really got us was this line.

All of our meetings are public ones, and we encourage you to sit with us and listen.

Yes, he says listen. Not question, not give input, not consult. He doesn’t offer to listen to US in the gallery. Oh no. He doesn’t want to hear from us. Oh, but we can access the website for Town information.

The Budget Update about the May 26th meeting was interesting:

… Residents expressed tremendous support for the outstanding budget items; the school playground, valley health & hospice, and the visitor information centre. Residents and business owners also provided Council with cost effective suggestions for introducing these items into this years budget.

We wouldn’t have described it that way.  For one thing there is no mention of the fact that David Daniels was prevented from asking questions by the mayor and not one councillor protested this muzzling. Not one! He was expected, we suppose, to just sit and “listen”.

Council has directed staff to evaluate the public input and present funding options to Council on June 15th  at the regular meeting of Town Council. The budget is expected to be approved at a special budget meeting on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 7:30 pm.

We know what will happen. They will listen to those they want to listen to and ignore the rest of us so the pet projects will be back in the budget. Prepare for 1.40 at least folks, and Brideau’s look of triumph. He’s fresh from the Whistler trip  (which had it been cut would have paid for the playground!)

Did we learn anything from the Newsletter? Yes, we learned that someone has decided that Wolfville should be a Katimavik Town as of Sept. providing beneficial work experience to young folk between the ages of 17 and 21. Will we have them out weeding the beds at Willow Park? They seem to need constant attention. Or perhaps they can report on anyone using pesticides or they could catch loose dogs, or direct traffic at the new 4 way stop.

BTW there are instructions in the newsletter on what to do at a 4 way stop [Overheard on the day it first went in at a farm market – not THE Farm Market –  “You’d think people in Wolfville had never seen a 4 way stop in their life!” laughter] And there is a reminder to Dog Owners to “maintain control of their animals in all commercial (inside and out) and residential areas of the Town.”  because there are apparently a lot of nervous nellies around who are very wary of dogs. Can we guess the Mayor is a cat person – like Stephen Harper?

That probably doesn’t half do justice to this issue of the mayor’s broadsheet, but we have run out of time for tonight.


3 responses to “Wolfville Town Newsletter

  1. Perhaps The Mayor and TOW does, sometimes, pay attention to the citizens?

    I vaguely recall WW commenting upon the TOW bylaws not being available on the Town website…I left a message on TOW website suggesting that TOW at least post those bylaws that they have reviewed.

    TOW has now posted some bylaws!

    At least now we have the option of reading the bylaws before/after we violate them….

  2. Is the little princess on the back page the only women in town? Nothing about the businesses, guess if you ignore them they will go away, or is it that most of the businesses are run by women, but most of them do not live in town, therefore can’t vote.

    • Yeah, we need some hard-hitting women to help mix things up a bit.

      I swear, our dear old Mayor is in every photo — Yep, I can see him lurking in the shadows behind Ray Ivany….

      I guess businesses get the “Facade Program”…. an apt name!
      “A Deceptive Outward Appearance Program” is business as usual at Town Hall.