Town Hall Logic

A message from one of our business owners.

If there is a shortage of parking spaces in our commercial centre what does the Town do?

  • Tear up 8 or 12 spaces in the centre of Town and put in flower boxes.

If  shops are closing because it is too expensive to do business in Town, what does the Town do?

  • Raise the commercial tax rate by 12 cents.

If competition is everywhere and tourism is down, what does the Town do for its business community?

  • Encourage 50-60 venders a week to come into Town on a Saturday to compete with resident business for customers.

As they say ” New Minas, open for business.”

Is it incompetence, stubbornness, or insanity. We aren’t quite sure.


One response to “Town Hall Logic

  1. Sometimes I think the only thing about Council that works is the guy they hire to dish out parking tickets.

    Screwing up the parking is just another scam from Town Hall…