Weather is not climate

Kkkkkkeeep saying it. Wwwweather is not cccclimate, wwwweather is nnnnot cclimate, wwweather is not….

This summer will illustrate that nature is telling the story and runs the show not man and greed. Soon we won’t need people to stand up and tell the truth and rumors of another ice age may to on the lips of many in future years.

Brrrrrrrrr. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

The science isn’t in?

The current unseasonable cold across northwest Europe is not the only place where the arctic hound is calling as yet another blast of reality gets lobbed into the base camp of agenda driven warmingistas, who of course refuse to see anything that could possibly challenge their false idols. I will not say that the cold that has been occurring is a sign an ice age it is on the way, but it is a sign that people worldwide had better wake up to the idea that the “science is in” crowd does not want them to see facts. …

The warmth shall return, but the nanook of the north lives… and Europeans should be prepared for a cold winter given what we see is going on now.

But there is always the melting ice cap, isn’t there?

Garbage in, garbage out.

No wonder no one knows.

When the warmth does return to places that have cooled down.. cherish it.


The multiple frosts that have blanketed Western Canada in the last week are the most widespread in the top canola-growing province of Saskatchewan in at least five years, the Canola Council of Canada said on Tuesday. …

In Manitoba, the frost is the worst in memory for its frequency and area covered, said Derwyn Hammond, the province’s senior agronomy specialist for the Canola Council.

“Certainly (it’s) the worst year I’ve seen,” said Hammond, who has worked for the Canola Council for 15 years.

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