The Herald in the storm’s eye

Expect you are following with interest, as we are,  the story of Minister Raitt’s belongings left behind by aide MacDonnell now that the Chronicle Herald’s Stephen Maher is in the eye of the storm, and especially since the NS election isn’t much of a story what with the NDP having it sewn up .

Maher’s affadavit makes for interesting reading.

This winter I came into possession of a digital voice recorder that Ms. MacDonnell used in her duties as the Director of Communications for the Federal Minister of Natural Resources.
10. Ministerial communications and press secretaries often record interviews with journalists, so that if there is any dispute about a story, they have a record of the conversation. 11. My recollection is that the recorder was given to me by a female reporter. …

By June 3, 2009 Ms. MacDonnell was no longer an employee of the Government of Canada and she had seemingly no intention of ever picking up the recorder from my office. I assumed that she had abandoned it.
24.At that point, it occurred to me that I ought to consider listening to the recordings on the recorder.
25. I discussed the possibility with Dan Leger, Director of News Content for The Chronicle Herald, and Brian Ward, Assignment Editor. I believed that the mere fact that she had left the recorder behind might be newsworthy, since it suggested a pattern of carelessness on her part, and that might reflect on the judgment of the Minister, since Ms. Raitt had promoted Ms. MacDonnell from Press Secretary to Communications Director.

This Jasmine person is pretty forgetful huh? First she leaves behind her bosses sensitive documents and then her tape recorder with her bosses voice on it, including some injudicious private conversations. Some communications director.

We’ll read all about it in the paper since the judge has ruled in the CH’s favour. But will they tell us who Jasmine MacDonnell is?

From a commenter at SDA:

I’m surprised that nothing’s been made of the fact that Jasmine MacDonnell is the daughter of Ralston MacDonnell of Halifax, President of MacDonnell Group Consulting Ltd., a group of engineering and management consulting companies — and also a fundraiser for Michael Ignatieff.

It could very well be that Jasmine MadDonnell is a consummate professional, though it is difficult to imagine a consummate professional leaving confidential, highly sensitive material behind in the CTV Green Room and not being able to locate it for a whole week. You’d think that if your father is a fundraiser for Michael Ignatieff, the CPC’s chief rival, you might be MORE careful in the carrying out of your duties as communications secretary for a CPC MP — or would you?

That female reporter who picked up the tape recorder must be kicking herself for not keeping it. Instead the tape recorder ends up in  the hands of the only representative of a Nova Scotia media outlet working on Parliament Hill. Isn’t it a small world?

“I don’t like people blaming 26-year-olds,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said.

And where oh where will Jasmine MacDonnell end up working now that she is  out of the Conservative camp? 

BTW MacDonnell Consulting ” is a firm of professionals who create exceptional places for people to live, learn, work and play. Specializing in innovative engineering, management consulting, security training and cultural productions, MacDonnell takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, inspired by its belief that people are what matter.”

Later:  More on Ralston MacDonnell’s connections:


2 responses to “The Herald in the storm’s eye

  1. It’s the broken reactor that really bugs me. It was a long time breaking. Either it should have been replaced by now or there should have been a clear decision to get out of the nuclear isotopes business years ago. Politician’s, bureaucrats and engineers of many types should have done better.

    Heck, I started drafting a wake-up letter ages ago. I was too damn lazy to get it done and off. This reactor makes us all look like a tree full of squabbling monkey’s…

    How did we get so hog-tied that we can’t build the top-end technology anymore?

  2. Unfortunately nuclear isn’t popular. Remember that Wolfville is a “non nuclear zone” and there is a very vocal minority here in town who are against uranium exploration or mining. Multiply this kind of thinking across the country and you don’t get much impetus to keep our nuclear technology up to date.