Tax Freedom?

Today is the day we can say, maybe, that we are now working for ourselves instead of for government of all stripes and all levels. This is the day the Fraser Institute figures we have made enough so far this year to pay our taxes.

Note on the pie chart that property tax is 8% of all the taxes we pay.

Tax freedom chart

Although we’re a little doubtful that this date of June 6  is very accurate for us, it is a good reminder to everyone that much of the time we are working for someone else not ourselves. If it were for our kids and grandkids we wouldn’t mind but with the deficit where it is we have a feeling tax freedom day will be further in the year for them. Here’s what one commenter said:

Canadians are now paying more in taxes than food and shelter combined. And our “conservative” government is pissing more down the toilet as fast as they can. So now we can tell our children that there is no such thing as “The Canadian Dream” and the best they can hope for is survival. We’re living under a tax regime designed to control us for eternity. So much for the Canadian Dream and “free” enterprise.
I’m sick of it and you should be too.


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