Watching paint dry

That’s how exciting we found the debates. All of them. You know what the trouble was? No questions. Not REAL questions. Moderated beyond moderation into sedation. Nothing spirited. Like packaged food – over processed.

Scripted like a sit com,  only not as funny. No laughter. No tears. No anger. No passion. No challenge. And no chance for the candidates to show their mettle. It makes it easy for the participants but this is not democracy. This is  something else.

Why do we let a moderator filter our questions?

Why do we let the mayor disallow questions?

What are we?

Quotation of the day: ” Good taste, the last and vilest of human superstitions, has succeeded in silencing us where all the rest have failed.”

2 responses to “Watching paint dry

  1. George Townsend

    This is a startling new trend within our public forums, both municipal and provincial. Spontaneous questions from the public are not welcomed. Our politicians must not be discomforted. At the infamous Irving Centre forum last year, the Mayor of Wolfville described the questions as a verbal stoning. Now, the public isn’t permitted to ask questions of any kind. The Town of Wolfville has once again led the way . . . questions within this provincial election are all pre-registered and moderated fluff! There was a time when our politicians were tough enough to handle the tough questions. Now they must all be treated with silk gloves and there’s no such thing as a knock-out punch!

  2. All elections should be held in the fall — when we have lots of over-ripe tomatoes.