Union money

Hearing about the NDP returning $45,000 in campaign contributions from the Mainland Nova Scotia Construction and Trades Council because they were illegal,  made us very interested in looking at the list of campaign contributions which is available from Elections NS  for the period Jan 1, 2007 to Dec 31, 2007

The Chronicle Herald says this is the latest report from Elections Nova Scotia. It was published by Elections NS in June ’08.

The Mainland Nova Scotia Building & Construction Trades Council gave $5,000 that year. Guess they didn’t know this trick that year and wanted to increase that just a wee bit this year.

We did a further search for other Union contributions to the NDP and found that:

Halifax & Dartmouth District Labour Council gave $2,310

Halifax Professional Firefighters Local 268 IAFF gave $345

Bakery, Confectionery & Tobacco Workers Union, Local 446 – $250

BCTW Union Local 446 gave $50

Canadian Union of Public Employees gave $5,000

International Association Of Fire Fighters gave $5,000

International Union Operating Engineers – $143.52

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture – $80

Nova Scotia Federation Of Labour – $4,943.52

Nova Scotia Home Builders Association $500.00

Nova Scotia Teachers Union – $800

Service Employees International Union – $5,000

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

On the other hand the NS & PEI Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwrights & Allied Workers gave $500 to the PCs.

If you want to see who made donations from Wolfville you can use that as a search term in the find box at the top of the pdf document.


7 responses to “Union money

  1. If the NDP get in, they will have to answer to the UNIONS, where does that leave us nonunion people. If I wake up on the 10th and find out that the NDP are in, I think I’ll go back to sleep and hope that it was all a very bad dream.

  2. George Townsend

    When you awaken on the 10th of June, you’ll likely discover two things: firstly, within most ridings more will have not voted than have voted for the winner . . . and, secondly, the majority of those who did vote will have cast their ballots for someone other than the winner. And your definition of democracy is what? It’s an interesting cliché to suggest that the NDP “will have to answer to the unions,” but what would be different with any of the other parties? Who would they have to answer to? The answer to that question may be scarier than your supposition. The NDP is generally considered to be socialist leaning but which Nova Scotian political party isn’t? It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had anything near a “conservative” option provincially.

  3. Guess the fact that Unions have also donated to the PC party and the Liberals doesn’t matter either. So who do the Liberals answer too where 85% of their contributions are from Corporations. The conservatives are also top heavy in corporate conttributions. The NDP however, have received most of their donations from private individuals. So who is truly speaking for the people? Not the Tories or the Grits that’s for sure. All they are interested in is Patronage appointments and corporate kickbacks.

    • We did say “Not that there is anything wrong with that” and we meant it. Given the topical story of the “irregular” $45,000 the PC’s (not Cons please) were so steamed about we just wanted to see whether the NDP had tried this trick last year. Yes, the PCs have their corporate backers too, which is why we linked to the list so people could see who was giving to who. There is now a more recent list – a good thing. While there is nothing wrong with people giving to the party of their choice within legal limits, voters also should be aware who might be influencing who, don’t you agree?

      • Yes I do Agree that voters should know who is infuencing these parties. However, the logic is flawed as to thje strength of influence unions have. The other point is that Unions, by and large, have fought for improvements that benefit everyone in society challenging negligent employers on heath and Safety issues, Human rights issuesand countless other issues. I would very much eant my government to at least consider what issues the Unions are bringing forward, and give them the due consideration they deserve as they are being brought forward by a group that represents the average everyday working person. I would far prefer this than my government taking it’s direction from the profiteering Business sector who are only in it fo rthe bottom line. Point in case, Nova Scotia Power. They continually apply for rate increases before they have figured out how much more profit they will be making from the previous rate hilke. Millions in profits being sent south of the border while power networks continue to age, become antiquated and fail for to regularly. ( This has been happening in Maine to since Emera took over their power company by the way) yes the Unions donated to the NDP.. But guess what. Business Donated more to them since the beginning of 2009 granted only 2% more but more none the less. But what impresses me even more than that is that 74% of NDP contributions came from private individuals. Nether the PC’s or th Liberals can make that claim.

  4. I spent 5 years under Roy Romanow as Premier, and I am from NL. It’s funny how the NDP can have policies in SK and MB that people have trusted now, and b4 in the case of SK. But, are finally going to give the NDP a chance to get NS out of the old boys Connie club. McDonald can’t hold a candle to John Hamm. Every party has lobbyists and Governments, regardless of stripes, that help them out. So, stop trying to spook people with the Union garbage. You’ve been singing these false songs for so long, people finally realiize what the other parties are.

    Public Insurance, no kid left behind in sports/cultural activities, caps on damage deposits for landlords r just some of the positive NDP policies in SK. Funny how the Cons keep saying they r the responsible fiscal party. How then did the NDP balance budgets over-and-over again if they r the spendthrift party that some of the Connies/Libs will try to make u believe they r? Does anyone really believe that? Look at McDonald, and remember Grant Devine (Connies disguised themselves under the SK Party because of his stuff. It’s time for people to give up the stereotypes of parties. There r examples of scandal, socialism, and liberalism in all of them. Not much difference really!

    • “There r examples of scandal, socialism, and liberalism in all of them. Not much difference really!”

      If you are a regular reader here, you will know that we have been saying the same thing for some time.

      Actually we follow Sask politics a bit having lived there in one of our incarnations. Would be interested in what you think about Lingenfelter?

      This comment is also interesting.