Frank 560 predicts an NDP win

It takes us about a week to read Frank, when we have time. Guess it takes them about two weeks to put it together so …   It’s mostly an election issue good until June 9! And Frank definitely thinks Dexter is a shoe in. This is wishful thinking which they will think is good prognostication when it becomes a reality. The people we listen to are the people who don’t want Dexter to win, but who think he will anyway. But perhaps that’s who Frank’s been listening to too?

But before getting into campaign literature for Dexter, page two starts with a correction –

In an article ‘Mail menace shackled’ which appeared on page 22 of Frank 559, the parents of former St. F. X. mailroom employee [ and thief -ww]  Stephen Jeffrey Smith were incorrectly identified.”

Oops! Does that mean the sister mentioned is wrong too?

The editorial – if you can call it that – is an obituary for the PC party. Well, like we said Frank’s slip is showing having lost some of their veterans from the bunker. The slightly nasty letter to Stephen McNeil on pg. 5 is, we take it, retribution for some snub of Frank on Stephen’s part and is followed by some fulsome praise (as much as Frank can allow themselves) on oh so conservative sounding Darryl Dexter:

By nature, N-dippers are not like Tories or Liberals, hiding knives behind their back to stick in their leader.

Who knew?

A little further on Frank tells us that Nancy Sheppard’s Crush Communications firm , hired by the NDP just before the writ dropped, “will jazz up the Dipper website and erase all mentions of the Daily Worker from campaign literature.” That’s the idea. Perhaps it is all those champagne socialists [we have useful idiots in Wolfville in spades] – Fool the electorate into thinking Dexter is a conservative.  But CUPE couldn’t keep its mouth shut and may ruin everything.

Frank’s evocative talk about Dexter’s walk in the snow if he loses is just talk: on the next page the Franklanders talk confidently of the gang of seven who will take cabinet seats.

What about the Liberals? Are they ruled out?

Liberal leader Stephen McNeil doesn’t have to win this election to keep his jobreal troopers they are, the Liberals don’t  see themselves as forming the  next Opposition; they see themselves as forming the next government. A conceivable notion, but highly unlikely.”

Mostly the article talks about Chris McInnes, McNeil’s campaign co-chair who was manager for the last three months of Scott Brison’s “last best chance” to be PM.  Frank is not terribly complimentary about Brison’s speeches.  Brison, Dale Palmater and Ignatieff have been doing their best to prove Frank wrong, of course. Frank does give the Grits a bit of exposure with some very brief bios on some of the Lib. candidates including Paul Kinley Howatt candidate in King’s South.

The Green Party is hardly mentioned except to say that their leader didn’t have the courtesy to respond to a Frank enquiry. Their bad. But Independent Ernie “raw deal”  Fage gets a half page. The Tories in Cumberland N. have been talking to Frank it seems. ” At least one Tory is not impressed with his party’s complacent attitude. ‘ Keith [Hunter] is like Bill Black. He has the high rollers and lawyers in his pocket but not the guy in the tavern.'”

Tory coverage starts on page 14 with this:

THE CONSERVATIVES [ Progressive Conservatives please! Ww]ARE GOING DOWN AND ALL BUT THE MOST ORNERY IN THEIR RANKS RESIGNED THEMSELVES TO THAT FACT LONG AGO ! [Their caps!] I was still surprised, however, when a Tory Pig Dog campaign manager observed to me that NDP Leader Darrell Dexter would have to ‘whack off on Barrington Street’ to lose a minority at this point.

As we said. Frank is pretty sure of the outcome.

But there was some good news –  Jim Nunn is history.  Taken a package. Woot!  Frank has no clue who will replace him only offering a slew of suppositions. Who cares? Who watches CBC except for the weather?


2 responses to “Frank 560 predicts an NDP win

  1. Yesterdays CH made the connection between the NDP adn CUPE, this is nothing new, but scares the hell out of me. I do not want to live in a provience where the government is in debt to the Taliban I mean CUPE. I do not trust unions especially big unions like CUPE, and their leader Sid Ryan is a power monger.If you don’t want the PC or Liberals in, then vote Green.

  2. We see where The NDP is going to return $45,000 the Mainland Nova Scotia Building and Construction Trades Council gave it (illegally) in campaign contributions.