Hold the line at 1.39!

The line isn’t ours but from a message being circulated to Wolfville ratepayers from a concerned resident. It was forwarded to us by one of our sources. The address referred to as being attached is a revised version of a presentation made by Doug Lutz at the recent Public Input Budget  Meeting;  it is reproduced on another page. [Use this link]

Wolfville Property Taxpayer

In Feb 09 Wolfville Council directed staff to prepare a budget with no new revenue save that from new construction. You may recall the Wolfville residential tax rate in 2008/2009 was $1.41/$100.00 assessed property value. Assuming a nominal rise of 3.4% in annual residential assessments the 2009-2010, the average residential tax rate must decline to $1.36 for ratepayers to avoid paying more than last year. Council’s budget closes in on their objective but doesn’t quite get there ($1.39). The result is that ratepayers will be digging a little deeper again this year.

At the public participation meeting Tues night special interest groups were well represented. Doug Lutz was the sole speaker urging council to adopt a principled approach to budgeting and to ‘hold the line at 1.39’ (Dougs address to council is attached). Council appears poised to abandon its original objective and increase the mill rate to accommodate more spending and to avoid having to say ‘no’ enough is not enough.

If you are a resident who implored council to do something about property taxes both at last year’s budget discussions or during the election, it’s time to contact the councilors with a reminder why you voted for them. It’s time for council to Hold-the-Line-at-1.39!

Robert A. (Bob) Stead
Phone: (902) 542-4008
Fax: (902) 542-4789

e-mail: rstead@town.wolfville.ns.ca

Hugh Simpson
Deputy Mayor
Phone: (902) 542-9307
Fax: (902) 542-4789
e-mail: hsimpson@town.wolfville.ns.ca
David Mangle
Phone: (902) 542-7718
Fax: (902) 542-4789
e-mail: dmangle@town.wolfville.ns.ca
Jim Laceby
Phone: (902) 542-7700
Fax: (902) 542-4789
e-mail: jlaceby@town.wolfville.ns.ca
Keith Irving
Phone: (902) 698-1234
Fax: (902) 542-4789
e-mail: kirving@town.wolfville.ns.ca
Carl Oldham
Phone: (902) 542-5491
Fax: (902) 542-1062
e-mail: coldham@town.wolfville.ns.ca
William (Bill) Zimmerman
Phone: (902) 542-5157
Fax: (902) 542-4789
e-mail: wzimmerman@town.wolfville.ns.ca



Later: We were anxious to get these documents posted asap and neglected to say — We thank both of these residents for being a voice for weary taxpayers of Wolfville, tired of ever increasing budgets.

7 responses to “Hold the line at 1.39!

  1. I think Doug made a very balanced and generous assessment of the issues. If Council doesn’t listen to that, they deserve to be hammered.

    I’d go much further. There must be efficiencies that could be achieved by amalgamating some of our fire service infrastructure and policing with other nearby municipalities. I still think we have far more police than we need.

    I’d get rid of everything under the “Environmental Development” section of the budget. That saves a quarter million in the blink of an eye.

    Most people don’t use most of the “services” that Council “provides”. Fix the roads, take care of the sewage, garbage, and water. Do a little snow plowing. I have no need for the rest. All that “cultural stuff” is grossly over-rated, in my opinion. If it was any good, I’d pay for it directly — I resent having Council force me to pay for piffle.

    Quit wasting money on foolish ventures — especially stuff that erodes personal liberty by inflicting us with nuisance legislation.

    If there was ever any evidence of “town planning” then I might support that. The fact is, there isn’t. So I don’t. Why throw good money after bad?

    Oh, and animal control — that’s done in a totally wasteful way. I might write a comedy sketch about it, one day.

    As for all those pesky charges from other “agencies”… they just keep going up. It’s time to start telling those blood-suckers to get off. Legally, we may have to pay — but we should make life as difficult as possible for the leeches.

    I’m disgusted at the way that the budget whines about how the reduced tax-rate causes the loss of a little of the “grant in lieu of Acadia U paying taxes”.

  2. Brian
    You could run in the next election, I’d vote for you.
    Sure is a lot of stuff that could be cut.

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