At the Post Office

David Daniels left this for residents at the Post Office. Will it be soon enough to bring people out? Doubt it. And in any case, Daniels’ points will be lost in the dog and pony show re the playground and Hospice.

Be assured the Hospice supporters will be out in force … and no it is not because we don’t believe in the Hospice. We have donated in the past as it is something we support.  But why should we pay twice or thrice by way of our municipal tax? We can’t claim that for any tax benefit as a charitable donation and what if it was a cause we disagreed with? In principle we believe these causes should be left to individuals to support if they believe in them. Put your money where your mouth is, not our money where your mouth is.



One response to “At the Post Office

  1. A 3.1% population increase leads to a 89.6% increase in “Administrative Expenditures”.

    Heck, there goes the argument for “growing the town”.

    Or are “Administrative Expenditures” some sort of “population control”?
    Perhaps the Pope might have some interest in helping our cause?