Weather watch

It was really nice out today and it is apparently going to get very warm tomorrow if reports are accurate. While we are digging out our sandals and short pants we remind ourselves and you that — as our concerned commenter admonished us — weather is not climate. And to keep  you amused we offer a number of weather related links which should keep us cool.

Albertans endured the chilliest May long weekend in a decade and yesterday Edmontonians awoke to a heavy snowfall warning.

Snow hit Saskatchewan a few days before.

It’s an awful sight for many, but especially golfers and golf course operators.

“We got about a foot of snow and we got some probably two-foot drifts across the golf course here,” says Leo Skaluba, the superintendent of Deer Park Golf Course in Yorkton. “We’ll probably be closed for two or three days now.”

But he adds it’s just another lousy day in a spring filled with them.

“We just haven’t had near enough nice days to bring the people out,” Skaluba says.

We sympathise. But will we have sympathy for Glaswegians? Not so much.

In the future, weather forecasts may have to include a segment like “No electricity from Wednesday through Friday.  Some electricity possible over the weekend.”

We hope Nova Scotians won’t follow the lemmings off the cliff.

Brent at Accuweather has his summer predictions. Here’s what he foresees for June :

–Unseasonably warm and drier compared to normal from interior BC through Alberta and Saskatchewan.
–Cooler and wet pattern for northern BC and the Yukon Territory.
–Near-normal temperatures for SW BC with below-normal rainfall.
–Normal temps and precipitation over Manitoba and NW Ontario.
–Slightly cooler compared to normal over the rest of Ontario through southern Quebec. Rainfall near-normal.
Cooler and wetter compared to normal over most of Atlantic Canada.

So let’s enjoy the nice weather while we may.


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