Atlantica Party policy book

The Atlantica Party has released its policy book for the upcoming Nova Scotia election on June 9.

A few of the Atlantica Party’s policies:
· A reformed voting system where every vote counts and every vote is equal.
· Allow direct election of the premier as part of a process to free the legislature from government manipulation.
· Investigate a union of the four Atlantic Provinces.
· Increased education funding as an investment in infrastructure.
· Create a professionally run provincial venture capital fund.
· Refocus on Nova Scotian entrepreneurs.
· Long term plans to substantively lower costs and taxes.
· Legalize and regulate cannabis.
· Investigate private for-profit structures in the health industry.
· Deregulate the NSLC.
· Create a student debt elimination program based on performance and a commitment to remain in the province.

A complete copy of Vision is available through the party’s web site – Click on the Nova Scotia Flag.

I don’t suppose they will have a candidate running in Kings South but who knows?

Later: The party is looking for candidates. Interested? Why not give it a try. You’d learn a lot, that’s for sure.

Nominations for Atlantica Party candidates for this provincial election are now open.

Consider being one of our candidates. All of our candidates are average citizens just like you, citizens who are dissatisfied with the status-quo and want to help Nova Scotians. Even if you cannot commit much time or energy to the campaign that is fine, just offering your name will give thousands of Nova Scotians an option to vote for the Atlantica Party.  We provide all the support. Of course if you want to run a more lively campaign, that is most welcome!

We are the start of a great movement and we would love you to be part of it.

If you have questions please respond. We would be happy to answer any and all questions about the party.

Have Vision!

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Should they insist on being part of the televised debates, like the Greens? Perhaps they should at least ask. They might get some press even if refused.


4 responses to “Atlantica Party policy book

  1. Do you think we should? We are thinking about what picture and name to use on the sign …

  2. I couldn’t be a politician: They lie all the time. Also, I didn’t even watch the debate.

    That picture would be great for Danny Williams,

  3. Which is worse, to tell a lie or fall for one? The truth is, we get the politicians we vote for. Don’t blame politicians for doing what they must do to attract votes. Politicians aren’t stupid, if it takes honesty to win and maintain power, they’ll be shining examples of purity. Dishonesty in politics is more a reflection of the electorate than anything else.