Does Rodney deserve to lose?

In a May 5th post on the Shotgun blog, Hugh MacIntyre argued that Rodney MacDonald deserves to lose the coming election.

MacIntyre doesn’t see in Rodney a fiscal conservative when his government reneged on the law requiring a certain amount of debt repayment a year and has increased spending while in office. ” Shifting money around is just a way to avoid responsibility.And now the people of Nova Scotia have an opportunity to hold them responsible.” [link to source]

In the comments to this post it is clear that although there is some agreement with the post’s sentiments many had the same dilemma we do? Where is the conservative choice. Rodney is seen as the best of a bad lot.

It also prompted this response from Terry O’Neil (of the CH?) Dane Richard who is apparently impressed with Rodney’s announcement recently giving a tax break to Nova Scotians by increasing the basic personal tax exemption as promised.

I have never been a huge fan of Nova Scotian politics, and I live here….Now, while I’m sure this is common in the West, it’s not every day I hear of Maritime politicians taking traditional conservative stances and publicly declaring them. …

“I’m a believer that people should have the opportunity to decide where they want to spend their money.”

Mr. MacDonald is a true conservative and it appears it’s not only the PCPO candidates that are staying true to their roots but the NSPC candidate as well. …

On the other hand, there’s Darrel Dexter. Dexter is the leader of the Nova Scotia NDP and of course holds a seat in Cole Harbour where he, and I, live. Common to socialists, he insists on throwing taxpayer money at something that has failed time and time again: our socialized system of Health care. Beating a dead horse comes to mind, but for the NDP, campaigning means making people unable to refute the things he wishes to pour money into. What common person, especially in the left-wing world of the Maritimes, is going to refute keeping ERs open? . After all, if you don’t support his proposals, you appear to be a heartless individual or a “right wing extremist” according to the Left. For Dexter, it’s a win-win situation.

We wish we could believe Rodney was a true conservative but his death bed conversion doesn’t impress us as much as it does Mr. O’Neil Mr Richard . No matter how refreshing it is to finally hear some conservative ideas articulated by the Premier [O’Neil is right about the rarity of that in NS!] we have the feeling it is too little too late. Where was he when gas price regulation was decided, for example. Perhaps it is time that the NSPCs went back to their conservative roots for real, and maybe it will take a loss of power to convince them this is necessary.


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    It was Dane Richard, not Terry O’Neill who responded to Hugh MacIntyre’s original Shotgun post.

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